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triflex® R Series TRLF

  • Light version
  • with snap lock mechanism
  • Quick to fill
  • Bend radius R: 100 - 182mm
Product description
  • Light variant with snap lock mechanism - TRLF
  • Able to move multi-dimensionally - twist up to approx. ± 10° per link possible in longitudinal axis
  • High tensile strength thanks to special ball and socket design
  • Easy to open for large, stiff hoses or many cables
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Extremely lightweight due to one-piece design
  • 3-chamber design for interior separation
  • Small bend radii and short pitch
  • Lightweight and cost-effective mounting bracket with strain relief or intermediate bracket

When to use Series TRLF:
  • When easy snap-open by hand or with a screwdriver is desired
  • For thick, rigid hoses and/or many cables
  • Multi-axis e-chain® for undemanding environmental conditions
  • If the system needs to be easy to lengthen and shorten
  • When easy filling and replacing with pre-assembled cables or media hoses is important

When NOT to use Series TRLF:
  • For circular movements with high load
    We recommend the twisterchain®
  • If a completely closed variant is required
    We recommend a triflex® R TRC
  • If a stronger, easy-to-fill variant is required
    We recommend triflex® R TRE
  • When a less expensive, less sophisticated multi-axis solution is required
    We recommend triflex® R TRL
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