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Clamps for energy chains and protective hoses on cobot robot arms

For secure attachment of the energy chain or the protective hose to the robot, the user can now rely on the new cobot clamps from igus®. The universal retaining fixtures with hook and loop fasteners are flexible in shape and adapt to any robot arm. A slim design with rounded edges reduces the risk of injury if there is contact with the robot.
The new clamp is available in various designs and suitable for use with the triflex® R series TRC/TRE/TRL 30 and 40 and for all commercially available protective hoses of various diameters.

Would you like more information about cobot clamps or triflex® R chain? Our experts will be happy to get in touch with you.

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Single clamp or complete Universal Robots kit

Cobot clamps

Cobot clamp as a single part

For maximum individuality. By using the individual clamps you decide on the energy supply to your cobot.

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UR kits

Universal Robots kit

We have already configured the appropriate kits for your universal robot. You only need to select the chain size. (TRE.30 or TRE.40.B) 

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Clamp for Axis 6

Clamp for axis 6

Available for:

  • UR3(e)
  • UR5(e)
  • UR10(e)

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fibre rod holder

Fibre-rod holder

  • strong & defined cable guidance up to the tool 
  • plug and play for UR10 + UR10e
  • Suitable for the 600mm fibre-rods TRE.F & TRC.F

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Universal Robot kits

We have a range of kits especially designed for Universal Robots.
These are suitable for the following:

  • UR3,
  • UR5,
  • UR10
  • UR16. 
Each kit comes with the relevant brackets and clamps suited for the particular size you require. 
You can also download the brochures on our download section.

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Cobot clamps available


standard clamp

  • 1 x Polymer bracket
  • 1m hoop and loop strip
  • Most cost-effective clamp in the range

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Mounting bracket and strain relief

cobot clamp with strain relief

  • 1 x Polymer bracket
  • 1m hoop and loop strip
  • 40 size option with long or short strain relief teeth

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Mounting bracket, no strain relief

cobot clamp

  • 1 x Polymer bracket
  • Suitable for TRE, TRC & TRL in size 30 or 40
  • Silicone-free

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Cobot clamp with protector

cobot clamp

  • 1 x round protector size 40
  • Protector can guide TRE, TRC & TRL in size 40
  • Silicone-free

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Cobot clamps with PMA Clip

cobot clamp

  • PMA Clip
  • Available in 5 sizes for corrugated hoses:
    Ø17mm, Ø23mm, Ø29mm, Ø36mm and Ø48mm

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All cobot clamp options

cobot clamps

  • For a full overview of all the Cobot clamp options available, please click below.

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Cobot clamp range

Standard clamp

Standard cobot clamp

For maximum individuality

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with strain relief

Mounting bracket and strain relief

for axis 1 + 6

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without strain relief

Cobot clamp with mounting bracket, no strain relief

for connection to the arm

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with protector

Cobot clamp protector

for extra protection

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with PMA clip

Cobot clamps PMA

for corrugated hoses

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Complete kits for Universal Robots

Matching triflex® e-chains®:

TRE.30.050.0.B | TRE.40.058.0.B


  • "easy" design
  • Very easy to fill
  • Simply press cables in

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TRL.30.050.0 | TRL.40.058.0


  • Light alternative with "easy" design
  • Very easy to fill
  • Cost-effective

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TRC.30.050.0 | TRC.40.058.0


  • Closed design
  • Chip protection
  • Smooth exterior

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PMA cable protection- Low cost alternative

PMA cable protection systems are used wherever there are electrical lines and cables in need of protection.. These flexible cable protection tubes are ideally suited for protecting cables within e-chain® systems. PMA fulfils the worldwide requirements of industrial markets in application areas like mechanical engineering, automotive construction, fiber optics, solar systems as well as applications in the robot sector with high speeds and millions of alternate bending cycles.

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Cobot sample box

Try it for yourself

The sample box includes: 

  • 1 cobot clamp with mounting bracket and strain relief
  • 35cm long hoop and loop strip
  • 9 chain links TRC.30.050.0

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triflex box


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