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Less maintenance work and costs in automotive production

In automotive production, the conveyor belt never stops. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with energy and data and implementation of movement. Our products are designed for movement and continuous use. For example, the triflex R energy supply system protect cables that must perform 3D and torsional movements on robots and other rotating machines. For the best combination in terms of service life, the energy supply systems use our chainflex cables, for which we offer a 36-month guarantee. And if you want to know even in advance whether the chain will go on functioning properly, you can use our smart plastics sensors. Whether new project or retrofit - our universal modular kit solutions can be tailored for each application within automotive production.

New products in 2020

Compact and light

Linear retraction system for robots with low payload

▲ Tech up

System weight of only 2.2kg with up to 290mm retraction length

More filling possible due to size 60

▼ Cost down

High running performance

Reduction of downtime, maintenance-free

More information about the retraction system TR.RSEC.60

e-chain E4Q

Energy supply: save 40% assembly time

▲ Tech up

Tool-free opening and closing

15% more pull-out strength and 10% less weight than the E4.1 system

▼ Cost down

40% less assembly time compared to the e-chain system E4.1

Find out more about the E4Q/R4Q series
Module Connect adapter

Adapter for easy connection of the energy chain

▲ Tech up

Flexible: simple clip fastening

Safe: integrated strain relief and seal

Fitted without additional sheet metal parts

▼ Cost down

Save 80% assembly time

Ready-to-install assemblies optimise handling

More information about Module Connect adapter
Online service life monitoring with isense EC.W.06

Crossbar for online service life monitoring

▲ Tech up

Integrated LTE modem transmits abrasion and movement data directly to the cloud

Maintenance recommendations on the web dashboard, via e-mail or SMS

▼ Cost down

Avoid unplanned plant downtime

No additional hardware needed in the switch cabinet

More information about isense EC. W.06

Industry solutions

Pressing plant

Hydraulic press in the pressing plant

Structural work

Automotive structural work

Paint shop

Automobile painting

Drive train

Car engines

Final assembly

Automotive production final assembly

Products for automotive production

triflex® R

e-chains for robotics applications

Specifically developed for multi-axis robots

High tensile strength

High torsion resistance and defined torsion stop-dog

Modular design, can be easily lengthened and shortened

Retraction systems

More information:
e-chain E4

e-chains for linear movements

Shorter cable lengths, as there is no deflection


Space-saving design

Fewer deflection points

Higher process reliability for LLK and supply hoses

chainflex robot cable

Cables for motion

Torsion and 7th axis cables with 36-month guarantee

Estimated service life can be calculated online

Sold by the metre or readily harnessed

No cutting charges, no minimum quantity surcharges

delivered from 24 hrs

More information:
smart plastics e-chain

Predictive maintenance and crash avoidance

Sensors for energy chains, cables and bearing technology

Integration into existing infrastructure

Optional cloud connection

Plan servicing work

Receive report of imminent downtime in time

Find out more
triflex readychain

Package deals

Harnessed dress packs for welding robots

e-chain®, filled with chainflex cables and hoses for the supply of energy, data and media

can be harnessed with original connectors in accordance with 24 manufacturer standards

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drylin® T

Bearing technology

Sliding instead of rolling with linear rails

Often 1:1 interchangeable with metallic solutions

Corrosion-free and insensitive to dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts

Lightweight and robust

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Successful in use by our customers

No loops thanks to retraction system These robots by the company Bielomatik are equipped with triflex R RSP retraction systems and triflex R energy chains. The retraction systems help avoid the creation of loops and the e-chains ensure long-lasting cable protection despite the continuous and rapid torsion movements. The robots are used for the final processing of plastic moulded parts and work in flexible production cells.
smart plastics automotive production Avoid unplanned downtimes due to intelligent energy chain monitoring In an Austrian motor plant, isense EC modules are used for monitoring abrasion and breaks. They continuously record the condition of the components and signal as soon as a repair or replacement is required. That way it is possible to avoid surprising plant downtimes resulting in expensive production losses. » Go to detailed application report

Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world

In the industry's largest test lab, e-chains and chainflex cables are tested for continuous load, very small installation spaces, media resistance and quiet operation in realistic conditions.

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