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Knife edge roller made of iglidur A250
Knife edge roller made of iglidur A250

Wear-resistant guiding in the food industry

iglidur® A250 knife edge rollers

So-called knife edge rollers are used as guide rollers in conveyor belts. The new material iglidur A250 was specifically developed for use in knife edge rollers for the food industry and is FDA and EU10/2011 compliant.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Wear-resistant
  • FDA and EU10/2011-compliant
  • Low required drive power
  • Lubrication-free belt deflection

Cost down

Cost down



  • The individually manufactured type has been successfully used by many customers for years.
  • Tested many times at igus on specially developed test rigs.



So that the dough turns out right

We have developed the iglidur A250 guide rollers for this:

It is not only raw bakery products that present the machine manufacturer in the food sector with considerable challenges. Knife edge rollers solve a problem that you wouldn't expect from their name. If two conveyor belts are butt-jointed to each other, the radii of the guide rollers result in a gap between the two belts. This is not a major problem with boxes or panels. But it is for soft raw croissants. These simply slide into the gap between the conveyor belts.
So that pasta, for example, can still be transferred safely from belt to belt, the deflection radii of the conveyor belts - and thus the gap between the belts - must be kept as small as possible.  
With the new material iglidur® A250, the existing product range for iglidur® knife edge rollers is expanded by a material that is quickly detectable by sight through the blue colouring, which provides excellent wear results in the application conditions characteristic for knife edge rollers.  

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