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iglidur® A250, knife edge roller

  • Wear-resistant
  • FDA and EU10/2011-compliant
  • Low required drive power
  • Lubrication-free belt deflection
Product description
iglidur® A250 | Wear-resistant guiding for the food industry
  • Wear-resistant
  • FDA and EU10-compliant
  • Low required drive power
  • Lubrication-free belt deflection
igus® has developed its own knife edge rollers to deflect conveyor belts in materials handling applications. The iglidur® solution is characterised by tight radii and low driving power requirements. The iglidur® A250 knife edge rollers are made for practically all loads in the food and packaging industry. Even high loads are no problem and the bearings work reliably without any external lubrication.
Typical application areas
Food industry
Beverage industry
Medical technology
Further applications can be found here:
Industry solutions
When to use it?
  • When a lubrication-free conveyor belt is required
  • When FDA compliance is required
  • When precise guiding is required
  • If wear resistance and FDA conformance are necessary at high loads
  • When a cost-effective and lightweight solution is required
  • When the bearing is used in acid environments
When not to use it?
  • When high speeds occur
  • When high forces are applied on the belts
  • When a static knife edge is required

Certificates and standards
RoHS compliant
According to 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)
Technical data


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