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triflex® and Easy triflex® e-chain® for 3D motions

The triflex® series has been developed to safely guide cable during a 3D movement. In this case, the flexibility of a hose is combined with the stability of an e-chain® with a fixed, defined radius. This unique modular design enables very complex movements. Combination of chain links moving in single, double and triple axes are possible in an e-chain®.

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

Machine tools, robots, handling equipment, materials handling technology, plastics industry, construction machinery, vehicle manufacturing, general mechanical engineering, medical equipment, office furniture

triflex® assembly line, energy chains, igus® e-chain® Easy triflex® and E2 medium e-chain® in an assembly line
igus® triflex®, energy chain, automotive industry Robots with Easy triflex® e-chain® in an assembly line at Ford, Cologne
triflex® for 3 moving directions combined with triflex® for 1 moving direction
Various triflex® chains inside a machining center
triflex® 332 as unsupported connection from machine to the control panel

Machine tools

A machining centre with 5 axles – the headstock performs a swivel movement from 0 to 180 degree.

Sealing machine

A new closing machine manages two processes in one work step.

Automatic welding

Industrial automation with welding robots – adapted to flexible production


Industry robots that pick up small or unwieldy products:

Control systems

Operating stations for a crane seat – the system is used in an aluminium smelt works.

Reduction of installation and conversion times

The triflex® R Easy is very easy to fill and has thereby decisive mounting benefits compared to the cable protective tubes used on robots.

Painting robot for car door seals

The robot with the replaced energy supply system has already painted about 1.2 million seals - and that too without a single failure.

Automotive industry

Multidimensionally moveable energy supply systems provide the highest flexibility and the longest holding times in all complex movements, and at the same time are installation friendly.

Clean room technology

The number of freely hanging cables should be bundled together. The specific movements executed by the robot stress the energy cables to a high degree.

Glass production

Higher variability at lower costs - Multidimensional energy supply systems raise the performance of robots.

Pharmaceutical industry

The task was to design a reliable handling and also update it optically according to the latest technology.

8 hours saved in installation

By the use of triflex® RS, the start-up of a complete system for robot-aided production of household appliances could be shortened from 12 to 4 hours.

Machining center

The focus here was on protecting the cables from dirt, chips and coolants during fast movements.

Calibration bench

This bench is used to calibrate inertia sensors which are used for inspecting pipelines, for example.

Hobbing machine

Hobbing is a continual toothing method and is very flexible and highly productive.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.