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triflex® R retraction systems TRC TRE TRCF

For supplying energy to articulated robots – Prevents formation of loops

The global growth in automation for industrial production is leading to more and more complex robotic applications. Target cycle times are getting shorter and downtime must also be reduced. To provide reliable protection against premature system failure and downtime, we recommend using a triflex® R e-chain®, especially to bridge the last three rotating axes. The dynamic change in length that´results from the robot's movement is compensated by our triflex® R retraction systems. This constantly guides the igus® e-chain® in a controlled way to prevent the formation of loops in the robot's working area.

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RSP: Pneumatic retraction system


  • For series TRC·TRE·TRCF with a ø-index of 60-125mm
  • For robots with a load capacity of approx. 50 kg
  • Up to 780 mm retraction length
  • For applications with a high fill weight
  • Almost constant retraction force over the complete travel
  • Standard pneumatic components
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RS: Modular retraction system


  • For series TRC·TRE with ø-index 40-100mm
  • For robots with a load capacity from 10 kg
  • Up to 670 mm retraction length
  • If no linear guide system is needed
  • For use with adverse environmental influences
  • Fixed bending radius stop to prevent "cable stress"
  • Retraction force provided by integrated fibre-rods
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RSE: Linear retraction system


  • For the TRC·TRE·TRCF* series with 40-125mm ø-index
  • Special linear guide avoids tight bend radii
  • Up to 490mm retraction length possible
  • Simple, linear retraction without sags, fibre-rods, or guide rollers
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintenance-free igus® drylin® W linear unit
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RSE: Cost-effective retraction system


  • For series TRC·TRE with a ø-index of 40 mm
  • Up to 500 mm retraction length
  • For highly dynamic movements
  • Maintenance-free igus® drylin® W linear unit
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Adapters for retraction systems


  • 43 brackets from stock for many robot types
  • For all triflex® RSP, RS, and RSE modules
  • 3D CAD data available online for download
  • Also for robots needing side-mounted installation
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Ready-to-install harnessed triflex®

triflex readychain

  • Hose packages for welding robots
  • Easy to install
  • Available in various sizes. 
  • Cables in UK stock
  • Suitable for welding axis 1-3 and 3-6

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Robot equipment configurator

With our e-chains® robot equipment configurator, you can configure the appropriate igus® equipment for your robot model in just a few steps. You can use the respective Help buttons along the way to obtain more detailed information on the individual components. A the end of the configurator, you can add your completed configuration directly into the shopping cart, place an order with us or use one of the additional features (e.g. CAD and PDF download).

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triflex® R accessories

Strain relief

strain relief

  • Secure cable strain relief even for cables with a large cross section.
  • Various options available.
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Gliding feed-throughs

gliding feed-through

  • With and without swivel bearing
  • Smooth movement and guidance of the triflex® R e-chain® on the robotFind out more >
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Heat protection shield

heat protector

  • Protects from chips/ metal spatter up to 540°C
  • Various protective jackets available
  • Screwed on protectors
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UR clips

UR clips

  • triflex® R mounting brackets for universal robots
  • Various sizes available.
  • Or why not replace metal for plastic. 
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CFROBOT special cables

CF robot cable

  • Special cables for a long service life in robot applications.
  • See the torsion tests.
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Triflex® overview


  • Want to do back to the full overview of the triflex® range? 
  • Still not sure on the correct energy chain for your application?

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Selection aid for triflex® R retraction systems

RS diagram X = Total e-chain® length
Y = Robot size

Possible Ø-index for triflex® R retraction systems

triflex® R
Ø index
Ø index
RSE linear
Ø index
Ø index
TRC 60 - 125 40 - 100 40 - 125 40
TRE 60 - 125 40 - 100 40 - 125 40
TRCF 85 - 100 - 85 - 100 -
TRL* - - - -
TRLF* - - - -
* Retraction systems not available for this series


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