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energy chain systems for every application

Horizontal movement

Energy chains for horizontal movements

  • Protection against weather and dirt
  • Cost-effective and fully enclosed complete solution
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Optimum attachment to floor or ceiling
  • Also with optimum swarf protection

Horizontal motion

Vertical movements

Energy chains for vertical movements

  • Modular design
  • Especially quiet and space-saving design
  • Also for highly dynamic movement and lateral acceleration
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Quick and easy assembly

Vertical movements

Circular and spiral movements

Energy chains for circular and spiral movements

  • More versatile and flexible than cable reels
  • Guide electric current, air and fluids safely in a single system
  • Energy supply possible in all directions
  • if travels must be kept free

Circular and spiral movements

3D motion and robots

Energy chains for 3D movements and robots

  • Defined torsion stop dog for each e-chain link
  • Defined minimum bend radius
  • High tensile strength due to ball and socket joint
  • Optional retraction system
  • Option with fibre-rod for partial direction control

Robots and 3D movements

Special environments

Energy chains for special environments

  • e-chains suitable for cleanrooms
  • Avoidance of electrostatic charging
  • With protection against swarf and dust
  • Also with protection against hot chips
  • Very low-vibration and low-noise e-chains
  • Very resistant to chemicals

Special applications

Energy supply systems

Energy supply systems

  • Ready-to-install energy supply systems
  • Cables with connectors
  • Harnessing time is reduced by up to 95%
  • Reduce process costs
  • Everything from one source
  • Minimise machine downtime

Ready-to-install harnessed systems


Tech up for your machines. Cost down for your company.

We know what applications need and customers want. We know our products and their properties exactly.
We show you how you can profit from them to improve the performance of your technical equipment and reduce costs.
​​​​​​​Find out more about the savings potential

3D CAD portal

Design energy chains in the 3D CAD portal

Design your energy chain faster. CAD models for a wide variety of systems. Energy chain design made easy.

Our polymer energy chains are already in use in many hundreds of thousands of applications around the world - from automatic beverage machines to CNC machines and steelworks. Unsupported lengths can be bridged without problems and long travels are conceivable for a wide varieties of industries and manufacturing sectors. It has a modular design and is therefore easy to assemble. Here, you can design the right energy chain for your application!

To the 3D CAD portal

The advantages of igus energy chain systems

  • Cable-friendly
  • Low weight, modular, strong, quiet, easy to open
  • Energy, data, FOCs, oil and air guided in one system
  • Configure online
  • Predictable service life
  • Little easy-to-perform maintenance, easy to install
  • Large catalogue of standard items

Why energy chains from igus?

What is an energy chain?

The term 'energy chain' or 'e-chain' is closely related to the terms 'drag chain' and 'energy supply chain'. The energy chain is a product that safely transports cables along a certain distance. They are primarily used for machines where the guided cables and hoses can be moved a certain distance without being damaged to such an extent that a machine shutdown is brought about. The energy chain is a safe way of moving energy and data cables or media hoses over this distance.
There are different types and versions of energy chains to meet different requirements. For example, there are completely enclosed versions that withstand external influences such as dirt or swarf and still guarantee the function of the machine. Variants specifically designed for several directions of movement, such as on robots, are also common, as are special materials that prevent electrostatic charging.

Use of an energy chain on a port crane Use of an energy chain on a port crane

More information on energy chains

chainflex® cables for motion

chainflex® cables for motion

Fail-safe cables for energy chains

Test laboratory for igus® energy chains


Every year, 3,000 e-chain tests are performed in order to ensure that they can withstand the hardest of conditions.  

Online tools for igus® energy chains

Online tools

Overview of all online tools for energy chains.

energy chain catalogue

The e-chain® catalogue for direct downloading online!


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