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News and product range extensions in 2019

chainflex® price check

Reduce costs and/or prolong the service life of your application

For every type of cable, no matter whether control/bus cables or cables for drive technology, such as servo or measuring system cables, we can offer you a wide range of different mechanical qualities - from an electric point of view, these cables are always identical and interchangeable within the cable type. For our customers that means: we will always provide you with the most cost-effective cable that reliably works in your application.  
Check prices now and send us your current cable list online. We will check immediately to see where we can reduce your costs and/or further prolong the service life of your application.

smart plastics

igus® smart plastics supplies products with different isense sensors, the icom evaluation module and the icom concept. plus components that measure operating states, announce necessary maintenance measures and also interrupt operation before any greater damage to equipment can occur.

Cost-effective, space-saving econ toothed belt axis: drylin® ZLN-40

From prototype to mass production. The ZLN combines the flat and lightweight design of the drylin® N linear guide with the dynamics of a toothed belt axis.

Addition: Build it yourself in 30 minutes – drylin® DLE-DR delta robot

Based on a modular system, users can choose between a compact self-assembly modular kit or pre-assembled in a transport frame. Both options are very cost-effective, so that the investment in automation pays off very quickly.

e-loop – the e-chain® for vertical heavy-duty applications

The e-loop combines the advantages of a plastic e-chain® with those of a high-strength Dyneema rope. Ideal for three-dimensional movements.

Even lighter, lower profile: PRT-04 slewing ring bearings

The new PRT-04 slewing ring bearing is 60% lighter than its predecessor. The installation height was also reduced by half, offering even more design freedom.

Move sharp-edged and heavy loads with lubrication-free ball transfer units

Polymer ball transfer units with stainless steel balls are ideal for transporting sharp-edged goods, e.g. in transport tables. They are more cost-effective and also lighter than pure stainless steel rollers.

Universal cable guidance for small robots & cobots

Cable guidance at collaborative robots - new modular concepts for fast attachment of energy supply without tools.

e-spool® flex - continuous panel feed

Design study: the e-spool® flex is the igus version of a cable drum. It combines an intelligent housing design with a twisterband for rotary motion on the inside. This results in the flexibility of being able to use any cable with a diameter of up to 10mm.

The features that make new products from igus so convincing:

  • Longer service life
  • Integrated intelligence (smart plastics)
  • Better properties than metal
  • Low procurement and assembly times

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Motek highlights 2019


Every day, designers, buyers and developers around the world ask questions that revolve around one topic: "How can I make moving parts better whilst reducing costs?" motion plastics® from igus® are developed for exactly this purpose: improving motion. And so that you know the benefit of motion plastics® in advance, the service life of almost all products can be calculated or simulated. Enjoy discovering our new products and additions to our product range in 2019!

New products

E4Q/R4Q system  
E4Q/R4Q system

The E4Q/R4Q system is designed to offer the best possible solution for unsupported lengths and long travels. The innovative crossbar mechanism means that the the chain can be opened by hand.

Mould-resistant iglidur materials  
Even lighter, lower profile: PRT-04 slewing ring bearings

The new PRT-04 slewing ring bearing is 60% lighter than its predecessor. The installation height has also been reduced by half, offering even more design freedom.
» iglidur slewing ring PRT-04

Pillow block and fixed flange bearings with low-cost metal housing  
Pillow block and fixed flange bearings with low-cost metal housing

Suitable for the new narrow interchangeable spherical balls. As a result, lubrication-free and resistant to dirt, dust, corrosion and various media. Angle-compensation. Optional adjusting rings for locating spigot.

drylin WSR-10-120

The hybrid roller rail impresses by its combination of function and design. Especially in the lateral mounting position, this profile is the perfect guide rail for door, control panel, board or monitor adjustments.


New CFROBOT8.PLUS bus cable with twice the torsion angle (±360°/m) and guaranteed service life. Tested.  The best bus cable for use on robots – now with 100% longer service life and twice the angle of twist.

robolink RL-DP  
robolink RL-DP

robolink® 4- or 5-axis robot arm with and without integrated control system.

  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 6s
  • Reach up to 790mm

News and product range extensions in 2019  

Download News catalogue 2019

The free News catalogue will provide you with all the information you need about our new products and additions to the product range. Reduce costs and improve your technology.

Easier and faster online configuration

iglidur Designer

iglidur Designer  
Now available:

Under the name of iglidur® designer, the existing online 3D printing service shines in new splendour and also provides numerous new functions. Based on state-of-the-art web technology, the iglidur® designer is now even faster, more precise and independent of the used device and the Internet browser.

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e-chains® expert

Energy chain expert system  

With the e-chain® expert, you can configure complete e-chain systems® for short or long travels and hanging applications. Simply select cables for interior separation and enter the parameters of your application and surroundings into the e-chain® expert to get a suitable solution for your e-chain® as well as interior separation.

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Gear service life calculator

Gear service life calculator  
Predictable service life for printed parts

The new service life calculator for gears. Get your custom gear online in 3 easy steps: calculate service life, configure gear and simply order.  Currently for iglidur® I3 spur gears. Delivery in a few days.

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