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igus® Ltd.

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unique ...

High quality cable construction for long service life


What´s unique?

High quality cable construction for long service life
Cable types

More information:

Design elements

optimised insulation material 1

optimised copper strands 2

high tensile strength core element 3

special braiding in bundles 4

gusset-filling pressure extruded 5

shield with optimised braid angle 6

abrasion-resistant jacket material 7


Prevents core breaks and short circuits 1 2 3 4

No corkscrewing 3 4 5

Minimal abrasion 7

For demanding environments 5 7

For best EMC results 6

Many approvals and certificates

Dismantle chainflex®
Jacket variants chainflex®: PVC, PUR, TPE
The 7 basic rules for a good cable

chainflex® works

for dynamic applications

chainflex® works


Flexible cables for moving applications


tested …

in the igus® lab


and lean

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