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Why chainflex®?


Long-lasting and dependable chainflex cables

Chainflex, is the use of flex cables within energy chains. This design allows specialist cables the ability to withstand continuous flex and other adverse environmental changes. igus, as the first company worldwide to begin to develop and distribute energy chains, quickly acknowledged how cables struggled in such harsh environments. Therefore, igus developed chainflex and began to distribute and manufacture their own cables they were sure could combat harsh environments as well as continuous flex.


36 months guarantee

After vigorous and continual testing and with over 25 years’ experience, we can confidentially offer an incredible 36-month guarantee. We have designed cables that can survive extreme temperatures, contact with oil and chains with small bend radius’. To find out more learn about our test laboratory.

Which cable is right for you?

Igus describes what you should pay attention to when buying a cable and describes in detail stain-relieved cores, outer jackets and all the important aspects of a cable, so you can make the right decision.

Seven rules for a good cable

Calculated and configured

Simply configure the cable online yourself - and quickly calculate the service life

Free samples

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Flex cables for extreme conditions


Cables for extreme temperatures

Oil/Organic oil

For cables that come into contact with oil

Resistant to chemicals  

Cables for use in contact with chemicals


Halogen-free cables for fire safety

Bend radii  
Low bend radius

High flex cables for tight installation spaces with small bend radius

In energy chains

Cables for use in energy chains

Limited space? - We have the solution!

A system that has to operate around the clock under high-performance pressure requires the highest standards - also from the suppliers of the individual components of the machine. An example of this would be the "Speedmounter" system from the company IPTE GmbH. By using our energy chains and chainflex® high flex data cables, maintenance intervals are reduced and the company can save considerable costs. In addition, our cables attract by their special design, with gusset-filling extruded inner jacket and thus retain their transmission properties after many millions of double strokes.

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Measuring system cable for long transmission distances

The company WALDRICH COBURG GmbH deals with the complete machining of large components such as diesel engines, generators and ship propellers. The consequences are ever-increasing machining centres and increasing demands on machine technology. For the company, we have developed a special complete solution with a measuring system cable that reliably transmits the signals over a long distance and ensures high machine availability.

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chainflex® servo cables for off-road use

The Bochum University team has been working on the development of a solar vehicle for 18 years. It should be designed in such a way that it can easily handle the toughest conditions. Against this background, all components have to cope with the tough demands and at the same time have a low weight. Our servo cables have a special cable design that ensures the high current carrying capacity and withstands the mechanical loads due to motion and vibration, so that there are no interruptions to the power supply. They are very tough, therefore they are ideally suited to thermal stress.

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CRRIP is designed in such a way that it can easily strip the heaviest cables and save up to 50% time!

Directly harnessed

We can also harness cables immediately before delivery.


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