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Top quality fries

The lubricant-free polymer plain bearings used in a filtration equipment for frying fat contribute to maintain high food quality and save costs.

Technical advancement thanks to plastics technology

In the priority list, food safety figures right on top in Europe. In the case of frying oil, equipment such as the VITO filtration equipment of the SYS Systemfiltration GmbH is used. The VITO is a compact and mobile equipment by which the frying oil can be easily and efficiently cleaned and thus at least doubling the holding time. All the materials used must withstand not only high temperatures, but also the aggressive cleaning agents. For mounting the rotor, the iglidur® A500 bearings from the igus® product family were chosen. They are located in the pump module and are directly exposed to the hot oil.
Almost the entire equipment is cleaned with hot steam and the so-called peracetic acids. Machine manufacturers and users in the food, bottling and packaging industries expect that the igus® bearing materials are resistant to such substances. To satisfy this demand, the values and officially confirmed features of the bearings with regard to the resistance stated in the igus® catalog are always preceded by scientific analyses.

International patent-protected equipment VITO SYS Systemfiltration GmbH

Lubricant-free bearings of the stirring unit

In case of a direct contact between bearings and the product to be processed or packed, like in the case of VITO when mounting the stirring unit, the demand for an FDA approved material certainly determines the choice of the bearing. The materials used in the iglidur® A180, A200 or A500 series are suitable for the required temperatures respectively.

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