drylin® linear guides

Gliding instead of rolling – low noise, clean and lubrication-free
The product range of lubrication-free drylin® linear guides is based on the principle of "gliding instead of rolling". In combination with corrosion-free materials, tribo-optimised iglidur® high performance polymers are used as a sliding surface. drylin® linear guides traverse in dry operation and are thereby maintenance-free and are insensitive to influences such as dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts. In addition, they have a very low noise because of the materials used and the special design. With these properties, drylin® linear guides can be used in a wide variety of environments, including extreme ones. The modular system allows for high flexibility with different rail guides and pillow blocks.


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drylin® W double rail WSX
drylin® W double rail, WSPC
drylin® W pillow block WJ200QM-01
drylin® W pillow block WJ200UM-01

from 5.25 USD / Pc.

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drylin® W hybrid double castor bearing WJRM-21
drylin® W double rail WSQ-CAM
drylin® W manual clamping WHKA-AL
drylin® W manual clamping WHKAQ-AL
drylin® W manual clamping WHKA
drylin® W manual clamping WHKD
drylin® W hybrid carriage WWR-21
drylin® W complete slide system WW-SL
drylin® W carriage for curved rail preloaded WWB, square, curved …
drylin® W pillow block WJ200QM-01-ES
drylin® W pillow block WXUME-01
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