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Delta multi-axis pick and place robot

The delta robot for pick and place production.

The igus® delta robot is a 3-axis robot connected to a shared joint around and below the arms in order to fulfil its primary purpose, picking and placing objects. This 3 axis robot was created to perform repetitive, low-skill duties at a speed of up to 60 picks per minute and with +/- 0.5mm accuracy. This modular pick and place robot varies in sizes, payload capacity and speed competencies, making its uses endless.

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drylin® delta pick and place robot

drylin delta robot | 360mm

drylin delta robot. Workspace 360mm
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drylin delta robot | 660mm

drylin delta robot. Workspace 660mm
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drylin delta robot | Calibrating pin

drylin delta robot. Calibrating pin
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drylin delta robot | Cable clip

drylin delta cable clip
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drylin delta robot | Cable set

drylin delta cable set
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Shop overview

delta robot shop overview
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Build the delta pick and place robot

Based on a modular system, users can choose between a compact self-assembly modular kit or pre-assembled in a transport frame. Now new with calibrating pin for easy positioning at the zero point. It is directly fixed to the mounting hub and simplifies the initial calibration process.

The cable clip for the delta robot was developed for the secure guidance of lines, e.g. individual pneumatic hoses, along the coupling joint. Easy to fit, lightweight.

  • 660mm workspace diameter with 180mm working height
  • Pick rate of max. 30 picks/min
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes
  • Ready to connect with stepper motors and dryve D1 motor control system
Typical application areas:handling, pick-and-place, robotics, automation

igus® Robot Control software for pick and place robots

Intuitive robot programming, simulation and control system
Make your automation solution ready for use with igus® Robot Control. Due to the modular design, different robot kinematics can be controlled, for example, delta robots, linear robots and multi-axis joint robots.
You can now download and test the software for free.  

More information about the software
robot control software for pick and place robots

ZLW for pick and place robots

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motors for pick and place robots

drylin® E NEMA stepper motors

Cost-effective, scalable motors for linear robots and delta robots

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