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Theatre and stage engineering

Every stage is unique. That is why each component must not only be effective, durable and efficient, but must also fit together perfectly. Theatre and stage engineering presents special technical challenges, including moving heavy loads, such as trusses, stage lighting and stage sets, or entire stage platforms safely and reliably. Technical equipment must not interfere optically or acoustically with the performance. igus® offers energy supply systems, highly flexible cables and polymer bearings that meet these exact requirements. igus® provides modular systems and a wide range of components making it possible to implement customised applications quickly and easily.

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e-spool® cable reel systems

cable reel for theatre and stage design

  • No tensile strain on the cables
  • Energy supply is possible in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)

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Vertically suspended solutions

zig zag

  • Robust and easy assemble
  • Quiet with little vibration
  • Space saving solution

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Custom designs

Custom designs

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Certified for stage and event technology according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV principle 315-390

Optimisations for stage and theatre applications

  • Possibility of various sensor monitoring systems
  • ø6mm steel cable in accordance with DIN 12348-4 for additional safety
  • Mechanical spring force monitoring
  • Redundant spring unit
  • Positive-locking power transmission with stronger aluminium shaft

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Areas of use in theatre and stage engineering

Above-stage equipment

Energy supply systems for lighting systems, PA speaker systems and trusses.

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Under-stage equipment

Safe, reliable energy supply to stage platforms, rotary stages, etc.

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Lighting equipment

Maintenance-free bearing technology and quiet e-chains for stage lighting

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General stage equipment

Products for other areas of application, such as winches and lifting devices

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Products for
film and camera equipment

Lubrication-free modular linear guides for camera carriages

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