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Shore power energy supply systems

igus® has been developing and manufacturing customised cable management systems for the maritime industry and shore power for many years. Around the world, our team provides consultancy services and assistance with planning, installation, inspection and a spare parts service.

Every port is unique: different tides, terminal design and equipment vary from port to port, terminal to terminal and vessel to vessel. Every day the port handles different ships of different sizes with different loading, moored in different locations with different shore power supply requirements. Reduced planning efforts and efficient handling of freight are important for the success of a port. Shore power connections have to be compliant with this highly dynamic port environment. However, they must not restrict the operation of the port.

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Shore power solutions for terminals and ships

Container terminals and vessels

Container terminal Flexible and durable
  • Mobile shore power connections for full flexibility
  • Slip ring-free cable guidance systems for a long service life
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Offshore terminals and vessels

Offshore vessels Specific or universal
  • Cable guidance systems for fast connection and a wide range of applications - stationary or mobile
  • Find out how the e-spool® gives greater flexibility
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LNG terminals

LNG terminals Reliable under the toughest conditions
  • Modular energy chains for the use between jetty and FSU/FSRU
  • Robust with a defined bend radius
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Our system solutions for shore power supply

e-spool® cable reel

e-chain reel
  • Flexibility for existing and new shore power connections
  • Protected cable guidance
  • Increases safety and durability
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e-spool® shore power

e-spool shore power
  • Slip ring-free system
  • Resistant to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations
  • Maintenance and lubrication-free and easy to inspect
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Long travels for mobile SPO

e-spool® shore power
  • Travels of 800m and more possible
  • Proven technology, longer service life, cost-efficient
  • Modular design
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Connection for LNG Power Barge

Shore power connection for LNG Power Barge
  • Pollutant reduction
  • Longer service life and cost-efficient
  • Increases safety
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Offshore energy chain

Shore power connection for LNG Power Barge
  • Durable, robust and still flexible
  • For installation, inspection and maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion, seawater and oil
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e-loop® e-chain® system

Modular e-loop energy chain system
  • Can be opened and closed as required
  • All parts are individually replaceable
  • Simple maintenance
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More and more ports are confronted with an increased public awareness of environmental issues. Stricter guidelines are forcing ports to implement more environmentally friendly technologies. Our customised energy supply systems for providing vessels at berth with shore power are the solution to reduce air pollution, noise and vibration. An international standard ensures compatibility of shore power connection for different types of vessels at any port in the world. IEC 80005-1 defines the standard for medium-voltage connections and IEC 80005-3 for supply of low-voltage connections.

Requirements for shore power connections:

  • Convenient handling
  • Flexible and manoeuvrable
  • Space-saving even in difficult installation spaces
  • Long-lasting and resistant to outside influences



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