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e-skin® corrugated tube for cleanrooms

Safe and abrasion-resistant guidance of cables in cleanrooms

To ensure cleanrooms remain free from particles, all machine parts - the energy supplies too - have to be abrasion-resistant. With the e-skin® corrugated tube systems can be supplied with data, media and energy without unwanted particles contaminating the air. 

The corrugated e-skin® tube is available in an enclosed version and a version with chambers that can be opened individually. This flexibility is an innovation and unique on the market so far. Furthermore, e-skin has sufficient inherent rigidity and a defined bend radius (55 to 100mm).
The oval geometry ensures lateral stability. Short unsupported lengths are possible, even in small installation spaces. In addition, the energy supply is very quiet. Its noise level is only 29dB(A), 5dB(A) lower than that of conventional clean cables.

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e-skin® energy chain options

e-skin® SK

e-skin SK

  • For unsupported lengths up to 2M
  • For installation space from 250mm

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e-skin® SK Soft

e-skin soft

  • For unsupported length up to 1.3M
  • For installation space from 150mm

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e-skin® hybrid

e-skin hybrid

  • For unsupported length up to 1.4M
  • For installation space from 200mm

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e-skin® flat

e-skin flat

  • Closed and openable versions available.
  • Very compact structure

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cables for cleanrooms

e-skin cables

  • Cables suitable to use with the e-skin®
  • Different cable types available

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e-skin® configurator

e-skin conf

  • Select the correct energy supply in cleanroom
  • Select all your application perameters

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Why the e-skin corrugated tube?

1. Cleanroom ISO class 1.
Virtually no wear or abrasion
2. Two-piece corrugated tube.
Consisting of upper and lower shell
3. Circumferential mounting.
KMA mounting bracket, optionally with strain relief
4. Oval design
Prevents unintentional sideways movement
5. Fully enclosed.
Protection against dust and water ingress
6. Resealable opening mechanism.
Can be opened and closed like a zipper
7. Optional vertical separation.
Consisting of individual separators and full-width shelves
8. Minimisation of abrasion
With the new inner separation made of tribo-optimised iglidur material, the wear can be reduced by up to 80%.

e-skin corrugated tube

Frequently asked questions

What is e-skin®?

The e-skin® energy chain range was developed especially for cleanroom applications, to ensure no contamination

What applications would you use e-skin®?

Cleanroom environments is one of the main ones, medical, pharmecutical and semi conductors.

Do you offer cables for the e-skin®?

Our Chainflex® CF10 is cleanroom compatible. For the e-skin® flat we have our CF clean range

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