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Have your individual wear-resistant parts coated for a longer service life. Or coat them yourself.

Due to coating with our iglidur high-performance polymers, your components will achieve a lower coefficient of wear and excellent sliding properties. The iglidur materials are applied by means of a powder coating.  

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We will coat your component for you

Component is coated with iglidur material

Send us your metallic component. We will coat it for you with our iglidur high-performance polymer and send it back to you.  

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Coat your component yourself

iglidur coating powder

Order the coating powder directly from our online shop and coat your components yourself.  

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iglidur® IC-01, coating powder


iglidur® IC-02, coating powder


iglidur® IC-03, coating powder


iglidur® IC-04, coating powder


iglidur® IC-05, coating powder


iglidur® IC-06, coating powder


iglidur coating materials are tested in the test laboratory

iglidur coating materials are subjected to extensive tests in our test laboratory. Therefore, they fulfil their promise in real life: 
►very good mechanical properties   ►excellent wear and sliding properties   ►accurate in every detail with exact surfaces   ►self-lubricating due to incorporated solid lubricants

Service life

Wear comparison: iglidur coating materials, PA66+PTFE and PTFE Service life [h]; short stroke 5mm, speed 0.1m/s, fill weight 1MPa, temperature 23°C, shaft 304 SS

Coefficient of friction

Coefficient of friction comparison: iglidur coating materials, PA66+PTFE and PTFE Coefficient of friction [µ]; test parameter: short stroke 5mm, speed 0.1m/s, fill weight 1MPa, temperature 23°C, shaft V2A

What are the advantages of iglidur coating powder?


iglidur coating powder withstands high temperatures, strong vibrations and more.


Resistant to dirt
iglidur coating materials can be used even in applications involving sand, swarf and dust.




iglidur coating is corrosion-free and media-resistant for use under water.


iglidur coating does not require external lubrication and is FDA-compliant.

individual shape

Your parts with their individual shape can be coated without problems.  

Variety of materials

Different coating materials allow for an exact customisation of the coating to your application.

iglidur coating has been tried and tested in the field

Interview: what you need to know about coating with iglidur materials

Lars Butenschön, Head of iglidur Digital Sales & Marketing, in an interview with our Head of iglidur Plain Bearings Business Unit, Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, on coating with iglidur materials.

The following questions are discussed in the interview:

  • What materials can be used for the coating? 
  • How good is the iglidur coating compared to your alternatives?
  • What components can be used for coating?
  • What size does a component have to be to make it suitable for coating? 
  • Is there a minimum quantity? 
  • Can I coat components myself? 
  • What does coating with iglidur coating materials cost? 
  • What does the future look like in the field of coating? What else has igus planned?
  • Will there be more iglidur materials for coating in the future? 
  • What information does igus need to coat my component? 
  • How does coating with iglidur materials work? 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about coating with iglidur


Do you have questions regarding our iglidur coating powder? Then take a look at our FAQs. There, we answer questions regarding the topic: coating with iglidur materials.



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