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PRT slewing ring bearings

PRT slewing ring bearings are ready-to-install slewing rings for lubrication-free, dry operations. The design is not based on metal rollers or balls but on maintenance-free sliding elements made of the proven tribologically optimised iglidur® materials.
This is in combination with rings made of lightweight anodised aluminium or stainless steel. iglidur® materials can be employed universally and enable use in applications involving high temperatures, moisture or contact with chemicals, as well as in the food industry.  
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PRT slewing ring options

iglidur® slewing ring, PRT-01

PRT 01
  • For very high loads and high rigidity
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Easy to install and replaceable sliding pads
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iglidur® slewing ring, PRT-02

  • Extremely light weight slewing ring
  • Head rings made from iglidur® J4
  • For very high loads and high rigidity
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iglidur® slewing ring, PRT-04

PRT 04
  • Even more compact design possible
  • For high loads, high stiffness
  • Simple assembly, replaceable sliding elements
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PRT toothed outer ring

PRT toothed
  • 4 standards for the toothing of the outer ring
  • Easy to install and replaceable sliding pads
  • Body and toothed outer ring made of aluminium
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xiros® slewing ring ball bearing

PRT xiros
  • Chemically resistant
  • Low humidity absorption
  • Cage material: xirodur B180
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PRT stainless steel housing

PRT stainless steel
  • ESD compliant
  • Replaceable sliding elements made of iglidur® F2
  • Stainless steel housing
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PRT accessories

PRT accessories
  • Manual clamping
  • Drive shafts
  • Sliding pads
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Other designs

PRT other designs
  • Square flange options
  • Options with pretension
  • Integrated pin drive
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PRT special parts

PRT special parts
  • Does a standard PRT now quite fit?
  • We can make you a bespoke version to suit your requirements. 
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Interactive 3D model for iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing

PRT slewing ring bearings

Configure your PRT slewing ring system

The PRT configurator will enable you to discover the most suited slewing ring for your application. With just a few simple steps, the expert system can decipher which PRT slewing ring is suitable and can calculate the expected service life. If you need help with the configuration tool please visit our online blog for step by step instructions.
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Frequently asked questions about slewing ring systems

Can I restrict the rotation of my slewing ring (PRT)?

Yes, of course. We have a couple of ways in which this can be achieved to any number of degrees. Our Angle limiter kit comprises of the limiter, a limiter stop and pin which all work externally and can be adjusted by yourself. This can be readjusted should the degree of rotation change for your application.

Can I have a slewing ring with multiple ‘home’ positions?

Yes, this is possible. In late 2021 we have released a product which uses a spring plunger to drop in to fixed location points as the slewing ring rotates. Favourites, and standards are 90, 180 and 240 as well as the 0 point.

I need a non-reflective PRT, is black anodising a possibility?

Yes it is and not only that, but we can offer it with black, self-lubricated liners, so the whole product is black in colour.

I’d like a different colour part as the silver stands out. Can you anodise black?

Yes, black along with other colours are available for anodising. There are other options to consider also.

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