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Strain relief for cables in energy chains

Honeycomb strain relief CFU

Honeycomb strain relief CFU

Strain relief in just a few seconds

  • Strain relief achieved up to 80% faster
  • Simply insert cables and hoses into the honeycomb and close
  • Strain relief openable from both sides
  • Easy to make changes - add or remove cables/hoses
Recommended standard for following e-chains:E2.48 | 3400/3500 | 3450/3480 | R68 | R167/168 | R2.48 | E4.48L/R4.48L | E4.42/H4.42/R4.42 | E61.52 | E6.52/R6.52

chainfix clamps

chainfix clamps

Strain relief systems with clamps and stacker elements

  • Can be integrated into KMA mounting bracket
  • For up to three cables stacked above one another
  • Reduced installation height, space-saving
  • High strength for dynamic applications
Recommended standard for following e-chains:E4 | E6 | for all polymer-metal mounting brackets (KMA) with C-profile

Tiewrap plates

Tiewrap plates

Can be screwed on, plugged in and as individual parts

  • For many applications with medium rates of acceleration
  • Can be clipped onto some mounting brackets
  • Can be used as an individual part in switchgear cabinets or in the assembly of machines
Recommended standard for following e-chains:easy chain | E2/000 | E2 tubes | E4 | E6

Strain relief separators

Strain relief separators

With integrated strain relief teeth

  • Can be integrated in the mounting bracket
  • Strain relief separator can be positioned anywhere as required
  • For applications with medium accelerations
  • Easy to fit, cost-effective
Recommended standard for following e-chains:E2/000 | E2 e-tubes | E6 | T3

Strain relief element CFV

CFV strain relief element

Step-shaped strain relief outside the
e-chain cross section

  • Strain relief for cables can be retrofitted easily, even in the case of closed energy tubes and different plug-in connectors
  • Easy to retrofit
Recommended standard for following e-chains:E2/000 | R2.1 | E4.1L | E4.1

Strain relief connector system CFB

CFB strain relief connector system

Space-saving, modular strain relief system in a very confined space

  • For applications with high accelerations and loads e.g., in machine tools
  • Standard screw connection
  • Customised production from 1 piece.
Recommended standard for following e-chains:E4 | E6 | For all polymer-metal mounting brackets (KMA) with C-profile

Strain relief nuggets

Strain relief nuggets

Attachment for cables up to of Ø 20mm

  • Cost-effective, fast strain relief for easy applications with small space and medium accelerations
  • Also available as an individual part
  • For all KMA mounting brackets with C-profile
Recommended standard for following e-chains:For all KMA with C-profile or top-hat (DIN) rails

What is strain relief?

In the area of electrical engineering, strain relief systems are regarded as a form of mechanical protection for flexible cables such as control cables or network cables. These can consist of standard elements or can be custom-made. For many applications, our standard programme of C-profiles with mounting brackets and space-saving chainfix clamps can be used. We also offer simple strain relief solutions using tiewrap plates and cable tiewraps. Ideally, the cables should be secured at both ends of the e-chain with strain relief. In a few cases, attachment to the moving end of the e-chain is sufficient.

Minimum gap to strain relief

Minimum gap between the strain relief and the beginning of the bend radius

Tests on our premises have shown that a strain relief component located close to the bend point of the e-chain has no adverse effect on the durability of chainflex cables. It is possible, therefore, to integrate the strain relief with the mounting bracket. We supply strain relief options, such as chainfix clamps or the space-saving tiewrap plate, for almost all e-chains.

Tested under realistic conditions, with account being taken of diverse parameters

Whether under the influence of fluids like water or oil, or at different ambient temperatures. The interaction of chainfix systems with different jacket materials of cables and hoses plays a big role in our in-house tests.

Strain relief brochure

Further information in the strain relief brochure


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