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Energy chains for long port crane service life

Tried and tested in thousands of applications; reduce costs, increase service life

Heavy loads, long travels and extreme weather conditions are just a few challenges for crane systems: where deadlines are still tight and safety must always be guaranteed, e-chains are a reliable alternative to busbar systems, festooning and motor drums with less maintenance and noise. With the right energy chain, a coordinated and reliable solution can be found for every application scenario.
Whether indoors or at the port, for bulk goods or container handling - all our products have been developed according to one motto: Tech up, cost down!

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Port Cranes

Harbour crane Energy chain solutions and cables for harbour cranes
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Intermodal cranes

Intermodal cranes Sophisticated cable guide systems for intermodal cranes
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Shipyard cranes

Shipyard cranes Robust and safe energy supply systems for shipbuilding
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Indoor cranes

Indoor crane Space-saving cable guide systems for use on overhead cranes
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Outdoors cranes

Outdoors cranes Durable e-chains and cables for heavy loads and adverse environmental conditions
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Bulk handling cranes

Bulk handling cranes Robust energy supply systems for long travels on bulk handling cranes
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Guide for designers

10 tips: maintenance of energy chains

"What should I consider with respect to maintenance when selecting e-chains?" This whitepaper shows 10 tips for designers in the crane industry and other industries.

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White paper on maintenance of e-chains

igus® blogs: Intelligent energy chains on crane systems thanks to smart plastics

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

A look at the chainflex and e-chain test laboratory Take a look at our chainflex and e-chain test laboratory, where 10 billion cycles are tested annually.
Long travels in outdoor tests Up to 400m of travel can be achieved on our 200m long test track for energy chains.

Successful application stories in the crane industry

Indoor crane

Fifty percent more storage space

An exceptionally space-saving solution has been developed for the energy supply system of a fully automatic crane system, which has proven itself under the highest loads and in continuous operation - and which today creates 50 percent more storage space.
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STS crane

Reliable despite continuous operation

A roller energy chain is in operation at one of the largest bulk handling ports in Western Europe. On the massive ship-to-shore crane, it operates without incident despite continuous operation and over 100 metres of travel.
Learn more about rol e-chain®
smart plastics

Discover other successful application stories!

Want to read more? See how our energy chains and chainflex cables may be utilised in the crane industry and find more success stories like these in this collection of application examples, arranged by crane type!
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