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Cleanroom products up to ISO Class 1

In the case of cleanrooms, the requirements regarding the abrasion-resistance of moving components are especially high, as every contamination impairs products and processes. This costs money. At igus®, we develop and test our high-performance polymer products in our in-house cleanroom laboratory. In addition, in order to provide solid data that our products are suitable for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer Institute subjects them to further tests. This enables a broad product portfolio with the best possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1).

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Cleanroom compatible products

Energy chains

e-chains for the cleanroom

e-chains® in a cleanroom environment have to be abrasion-resistant as airborne particles can be released and can contaminate the cleanroom.

e-chains for cleanroom applications

Cables and hoses

Cleanroom applicable chainflex cables

Cables with IPA ISO class 1 and 2 are available ready for connection, suitable for manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Festo, Parker and Siemens 

Flexible cables for cleanrooms

Linear guides

Cleanroom applicable drylin linear guide

In our product range of dry-operating linear guide systems, we offer four models that are certified for use in ISO class 6 to 3 cleanrooms.

drylin for cleanroom applications

Slewing ring bearings

PRT slewing ring bearing suitable for cleanrooms

The sliding elements of PRT-04-100 made of iglidur J minimise particle emissions, so they can be used in cleanroom applications.

More about slewing ring bearing PRT-04

e-skin® energy chain


The e-skin® energy chain is specifically produced for cleanroom applications. Varirty of variants to choose from depending on the application

More about e-skin® chain


e-skin configurator
Are you unsure which energy supply is the right one for your application? You can find the suitable solution with just a few clicks.

Configure your e-skin®

Industry solutions

Simple and safe cleaning:

study on drygear® Apiro in hygienic design


    Apiro hygienic design

    • Simple, safe cleaning of cost-efficient iglidur® polymer gearboxes thanks to their open design
    • Modular design for manual and motor-operated
    • adjustments
    • Fast conversion possible
    • Assembly without any special tools
    • Great product compatibility

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    World premiere ...

    ... predictive maintenance in cleanroom with i.Cee EC.S

    In this cleanroom highlight, the smart ultrasonic sensor technology is used to continuously monitor the current sag of the e-skin® flat with support chain. The e-skin® flat with support chain SKF.S is equipped with a defined bend radius and therefore enables unsupported lengths in cleanrooms. As soon as a critical condition of the energy supply system can be detected, predictive maintenance recommendations are issued.

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    Frequently asked questions about cleanroom technology products

    Do the igus® cleanroom products meet the increasing demands?

    As the quality requirements for cleanroom technology applications are constantly growing, igus® is continuously working on improving its products. For this purpose, igus® has been carrying out tests for cleanroom suitability in its own test laboratory since 1997. In addition, appropriate products are tested externally by the Fraunhofer Institute.

    Are igus® bearings suitable for cleanrooms?

    The cleanroom suitability of our iglidur® plain bearings is determined on the basis of the wear particles released in the application. The size and quantity of the released wear particles depend on: • the respective pairing of shaft and bearing material • further parameters such as load, speed etc. Therefore, there are no clearly defined cleanroom materials for our plain bearings, but instead they depend on their use.

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    Application examples for the cleanroom

    Further information

    Cleanroom brochure

    Cleanroom classes of our products and information on RoHs and ESD.

    Download now

    Information about ESD

    More about the igus material igumid for ESD applications.

    Maintenance-free conductivity with igumid ESD


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