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Drones and UAVs - lightweight bearing technology without lubrication

Drones, UAVs and unmanned flights will affect our lives more and more. in the form of flying taxis and drones delivering packages. Low weight, all-weather use and long service life are among the stringent requirements of drone components. Our products made of high-performance polymers are ideal for such applications, since they require no additional lubrication and are quiet and corrosion-free. Many iglidur materials also fulfil the requirements of the FAR 25.853 fire protection standard.

  • Cost-effective
  • Save installation space and weight
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Resistant to chemicals, dirt and corrosion
  • Fast delivery

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Selected motion plastics for drones and UAVs

Lead screw technology

Various dryspin lead screws and lead screw nuts

  • Lubrication-free operation
  • Low coefficient of friction, predictable service life
  • Special designs for any application

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Pillow block bearings

Various igubal pillow block bearings

  • For rotating, oscillating & linear movements
  • Great rigidity and durability with varying loads
  • High radial loads

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Fixed flange bearings

Various igubal fixed flange bearings

  • Lubrication-free dry operation
  • Resistant to dirt and corrosion
  • Lightweight, suitable for small installation spaces

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Plain bearing for rotary applications

iglidur J350 plain bearings with or without flange

  • For medium to high loads
  • Fulfils FAA fire protection requirements for equipment and fittings inside aircraft

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Pre-load prism slides

drylin N pre-load prism slides

  • Prism geometry for great holding forces and defined displacement forces
  • Extremely lightweight and low-profile

Drone in a box

drone in a box

  • The box serves as a landing platform 
  • Controlled via smartphone and/or remote
  • Drone that can be charged automatically

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Drones and UAVs successfully in use

igus® products in lightweight drone

Pest-control drone

This pest-control drone can extend a telescopic arm closely to the spot of infestation and, for example, spray pesticides there. A drylin® linear guide and igubal® bearings are used to move the arm and the articulated arm. The focus was on tough and light components.

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...and many further success stories

Overview of aerospace applications.jpg
Here, discover how our energy chains and bearing products are used in aviation and aerospace, where they fulfil different requirements.  It was necessary to overcome challenges such as high loads, extreme temperature differences, confined spaces or specifications requiring low weight.

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