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CNC machining service- Lubrication-free bespoke parts

In order to be able to fulfil all customer requirments, the need for bespoke parts is essential. We have capabilities of CNC machining customer bespoke parts from our high-performance iglidur® materials. 
We can help you choose the best material for your application, we can assist with the design, confirm tolerances and give basic assistance throughout the project. 
► No 3D model at hand? No problem, try our 3D model configurator.
► Unsure about tolerances? Check your technical drawing automatically using our CNC Tolerance Check
► For automatic price calculation and quick processing of your request, please use our new CNC online tool
Create and order your bespoke machined part

CNC machining service- 4 easy steps to your custom parts

Step 1.

Choose the best material for your application:

A large number of different iglidur® high-performance polymers are available to you. The ideal iglidur® material can be found for almost every application, from high temperatures to sea water, from food to automotive. Various online tools and our experts are at your disposal for the selection of materials.​

Step 2.

Specify tolerances:

The general tolerance according to ISO 2768-mK applies to the length, shape and position dimensions. This ensures a plastic-compatible production. If your component has linear dimensions with deviating tolerances, just enter the quantity and the price will be adjusted automatically.

Step 3.

Configure holes & threads:

Holes are automatically detected on the basis of your 3D model. You can therefore configure threads and the fit. The price is automatically adapted accordingly. 
Check the CNC tolerances

Step 4.

Assign priority to your order:

If things have to go faster: select our express option and your components could be ready to ship within 7 days. 

Use our CNC machining service

CNC machining design guide

Our free white paper helps you with the key principles for designing your plastic CNC machined components. We give you 12 helpful tips for your turned and milled parts – so you can achieve a design that is optimised for economy and production.
Download now

Refer to our manufacturing standards

✓ ISO 2768-m/K applies to the general tolerances of the parts with regard to length, shape and position  

✓ The following minimum tolerance widths (see DIN ISO 286) must be taken into account for deviating special tolerances (for linear dimensions) and for fits: 

  • Nominal size up to 30mm: IT 9 
  • Nominal size from 30 to 180mm: IT 10 
  • Nominal size from 180 to 500mm: IT 11 
  • Nominal size over 500mm: Tolerance requires individual testing 

✓ Holes and bores can be configured as ISO metric thread (M) ✓ The surface roughness corresponds to the typical, expected qualities of finished surfaces (minimum expected: Ra = 2-3µm)

These standards are to your advantage: We can calculate the prices quicker and process your order quicker. You save valuable time in the long run.  


When and why CNC machining is worthwhile for your components​

Bar stock

Large variety of materials and material quality:

The large variety of materials of our iglidur® bar stock guarantees optimum, tribological component specifications for any application.

High surface finish:

Due to the method used, CNC machining plastic produces good surfaces - iglidur® components normally also do not need any special reworking of the sliding surfaces.

Precise component dimensions with tight tolerances:

You receive dimensionally accurate components with tightly toleranced dimensions and fits. Narrow tolerance ranges (up to tolerance grade 9 acc. DIN ISO 286) are usually feasible. Tolerance widths of 0.05mm are therefore not a problem.

Special parts

Economically efficient in the case of small to medium-sized quantities

For quantities in the two to four-figure range, CNC machining is often the most economically efficient method, in particular for high-volume parts with a simple geometry.

See these application examples for yourself:

Frequently asked questions

What does the term CNC mean?

The terms CNC is an abbreviation of "Computer Numerical Control which refers to the lathes or milling machines whose movements are computer-controlled. This enables these machines to produce more complex shapes automatically.

What is cnc machining technology?

CNC machining technology is a very common method of manufacturing bespoke, nonstandard parts. Sometimes, standard catalogue parts won’t meet the exact requirements for an application so CNC machining ensures that the part can be made. The CNC technology refers to routing, turning, milling and lasering. Using a CAD file, this is imported into the machine by a programmer and then the machine re-creates the part on the drawing in either metal or plastic.

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