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Bike bearings - maintenance-free, robust and light!

Robust bike bearings from igus® are a good choice for all applications. They withstand extreme loads, shocks and impacts, reduce the bike's weight and, thanks to the absence of lubrication, are easy to look after and only have to be maintained very rarely. The high wear resistance makes them reliable components, not only on racing bikes but also on much used everyday bicycles.

  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • Resistant to impacts and shocks
  • Corrosion-free and dirt-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Long predictable service life
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bike bearings

Bike bearing areas of use

In pedals, seat posts, suspension forks, derailleurs, brakes and much more – igus® bike bearings have been in use for many years for the most varied of components and by diverse frame manufacturers. You can see some possible uses here:

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iglidur® bike bearings successfully in use in the bicycle industry

Bike riding is environment-friendly, healthy and in. The range of different types of bicycle on offer is now very wide: from cargo bikes, which no longer transport goods but take the children to nursery school, to racing bikes for sport or in the city and mountain bikes for the adrenaline kick in leisure time.

bicycle bearings

igus bike bearings make agile e-cargo bike low-maintenance

The company chike was looking for suitable components for an innovative, spring-mounted tilt chassis that would make their e-cargo bike just as agile as a normal bicycle. igus provided the perfect solution: igubal rod end bearings are used on the track rods, iglidur plain bearings on the transverse control arms and in the tilt lock. In contrast to metal solutions, motion plastics ensure a virtually maintenance-free continuous operation, are light and cost-effective.

bicycle bearings

Constant performance on the trail, resistant to shocks, mud and dust

The manufacturer of premium mountain bike components Crankbrothers needed a solution for their pedal bearings. Resistance to dirt, a reduction in weight and a long service life were the main aspects. Thanks to plain bearings made of the material iglidur JB, the company was able to achieve an eight times longer service life compared to the previous solution and reduce the weight. The bearings from igus are insensitive to dirt and can be easily cleaned without compromising on performance.

Selected motion plastics bearings for bikes

iglidur G plain bearings

Smooth running due to low coefficient of friction

Reliable, maintenance-free and dirt-resistant

Precise and fast switching

iglidur J plain bearings

Resistant to high-frequency shocks and vibrations

Highly resistant to wear with low coefficient of friction

No 'stick slip'

iglidur J3 plain bearings

High impact strength, maintains shape

Sensitive feedback from the rear shock

Dimensional stability of the bearing

iglidur H4 plain bearings

Temperature-resistant up to +200°C

Corrosion-resistant, no seizing

Extreme wear resistance

iglidur W300 plain bearings

Resistant to dirt

Extremely high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free

igubal spherical bearings

Absorb vibration

Angle and tolerance compensation

Light, lubrication-free and therefore insensitive to dirt

How is using polymer bearings in bicycles advantageous? What advantages do they have over their counterparts made of metal? In this igus® blog, you can find interesting articles on everything to do with bicycle technology and equipment.

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More information

mountain bike bearings

Product brochure Bicycle Industry (PDF)

mountain bike bearings

Light, insensitive to dirt, maintenance-free

iglidur plain bearings on the mountain bike, cargo bike, recumbent bike and folding bike


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