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Linear guide rails – drylin® T

Slide instead of roll – the drylin® T linear guide rails is based on that principle. In the process, the drylin® T guide rails makes the exchange from a recirculating ball bearing system to a sliding system as easy as possible. Connector and hole dimensions of drylin® linear rails and linear carriages are identical to those of conventional recirculating ball bearing systems.

The centrepiece of the guide carriage consists of lubrication-free and extremely long-life sliding elements made of igus® high-performance polymers. Quick and easy to handle and maintenance-free in use. The guide rails made of hard anodised aluminium are tough and corrosion-resistant.
Our rails can be joined together to make unlimited lengths, unlike ball bearing systems. 

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linear guide rail

Linear rails

drylin® T rail guide

  • Robust and rust-proof
  • Media-resistant
  • Lengths of up to 4000mm 

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Guide carriages

drylin® T guide carriages

  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model
  • Automatic bearing clearance optional

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Complete Set

drylin® T complete set

  • Rail and guide carriage
  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model

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drylin® T accessories

drylin T accessories

  • Clamps
  • Replacement plastic sliding elements
  • End caps for holes of the linear rails

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Miniature rail for small installation

Miniature guide for small installation

  • Material: aluminium, hard-anodised
  • For small installation spaces
  • Tough and cost-effective

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Full drylin® overview

drylin overview

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Identical connector and hole dimensions

Bosch Rexroth: FNS • FLS • SNS • SLSS • NH • SLH • FNN • SNN
Rodriguez: BRH-A • BRH-AL • MSR-E • MSR-LE
Romani: HRC-FN

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You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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Frequently asked questions about drylin® T linear guide rails


What is a linear guide rail?

drylin® T is one of the linear rail options at igus®. It is based on the principle of sliding instead of rolling. 

Where can I use linear guide rails?

drylin® T can be used in lots of applications such as welding technology, label feeding machinery, measuring systems for tooling and many more.

Why use igus® drylin® T?

The drylin® T range is robust, lubrication free, corrosion resistant and available in many different lengths and sizes.

Selected application examples

The drylin® T guide rails are identical in terms of design and dimensions with a large number of recirculating ball bearing systems. This makes one to one replacement very easy. The robust rail guide additionally guarantees a long service life of up to 50,000 km.

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