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Linear guide rails – the alternative to recirculating ball bearings

Slide instead of roll – the drylin® T linear guide rails is based on that principle. In the process, the drylin® T guide rails makes the exchange from a recirculating ball bearing system to a sliding system as easy as possible. Connector and hole dimensions of drylin® linear rails and linear carriages are identical to those of conventional recirculating ball bearing systems.

The centrepiece of the guide carriage consists of lubrication-free and extremely long-life sliding elements made of igus® high-performance polymers. Quick and easy to handle and maintenance-free in use. The guide rails made of hard anodised aluminium are tough and corrosion-resistant.
Our rails can be joined together to make unlimited lengths, unlike ball bearing systems. 

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linear guide rail

drylin® T recirculating ball bearing products

Linear rails

drylin® T rail guide

  • Robust and rust-proof
  • Media-resistant
  • Lengths of up to 4000mm 

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Guide carriages

drylin® T guide carriages

  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model
  • Automatic bearing clearance optional

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Complete Set

drylin® T complete set

  • Rail and guide carriage
  • Manual clamp optional
  • Also as low-profile model

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drylin® T accessories

drylin T accessories

  • Clamps
  • Replacement plastic sliding elements
  • End caps for holes of the linear rails

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Miniature rail for small installation

Miniature guide for small installation

  • Material: aluminium, hard-anodised
  • For small installation spaces
  • Tough and cost-effective

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Full drylin® overview

drylin overview

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drylin® T fits

The drylin® T rail guide are identical with regard to connector and hole dimensions

Bosch Rexroth: FNS • FLS • SNS • SLSS • NH • SLH • FNN • SNN
Rollon: MRS • MRS-L
Rodriguez: BRH-A • BRH-AL • MSR-E • MSR-LE
Romani: HRC-FN

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You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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drylin® T slides instead of roll

The drylin® linear bearings enable maintenance-free and lubrication-free operation of parts of machines and equipment whose function is determined by relative movements in a straight line between components. The special dry-tech® high-performance plastics of the bearing bushings ensure that machine elements can be moved along a shaft or profile guide silently and with little friction. Compared to linear solutions with rolling elements, the acquisition costs are up to 40% lower and there are no additional operating costs.In linear ball bearings, one or several rows of balls support the shaft. To work properly, they need a ball recirculation system that guides the balls back in the direction opposite to the shaft's direction of movement. The ball recirculation system and the high level of stress on the balls due to the load being applied to a small point on each ball are factors that result in potential weak spots and noise. Recirculating ball systems can be replaced with igus® linear bearings of the drylin® series in nearly all areas of use. Due to their simple structure, the drylin® linear plain bearings have very little susceptibility to failure. Lubrication-free operation means that the machine parts remain free of dirt, dust and moisture. Another advantage is the very quiet operation of the drylin® linear bearings.

Frequently asked questions

What is a linear guide rail?

drylin® T is one of the linear rail options at igus®. It is based on the principle of sliding instead of rolling. 

Where can I use linear guide rails?

drylin® T can be used in lots of applications such as welding technology, label feeding machinery, measuring systems for tooling and many more.

Why use igus® drylin® T?

The drylin® T range is robust, lubrication free, corrosion resistant and available in many different lengths and sizes.

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Selected application examples

The drylin® T guide rails are identical in terms of design and dimensions with a large number of recirculating ball bearing systems. This makes one to one replacement very easy. The robust rail guide additionally guarantees a long service life of up to 50,000 km.


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