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igus® Ltd.

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Cable recycling program for electrical cables

Contributing towards the reduction of plastic waste and helping to improve cable recycling in the manufacturing industry.

Cables provide the nervous system for machinery for almost every industry sector there is. Manufacturing continues to grow, meaning that cable demand will only increase year on year. So, what does this mean? E-waste contributes millions of tons of waste to landfull every year instead of being recycled responsibly and as supply and demand increases so does the waste.

At igus® UK, our chainflex® cables are either cut to length and shipped directly to our customers or go through our production line process to produce harnessed solutions. As an iSO 140001:2015 certified organisation, we already have an environmental management process in place to ensure we are responsible in our operations. Ensuring all waste that can be recycled is done so - safely, responsibly, minimising our impact on the planet.

The Cable Recycling Program is now open to you.

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What do I do?

chainflex recycling

  1. Identify cables to be responsibly recycled.
  2. Visit and fill out this form 
  3. Receive delivery information and organise shipping* to igus UK Ltd.
*delivery costs are not covered by igus UK Ltd.

What will igus UK Ltd do?

chainflex recycling

  1. Process your return as part of our responsible chainflex recycling process.
  2. Collaborate with our recycling partner to ensure 100% zero-to-landfill recycling of electrical cables.
  3. Calculate total proceeds generated from recycled copper at end of 2022 and donate to tree-planting initiatives across the UK.

What does this achieve?

chainflex recycling

  1. The generation of sustainable and responsibly planted trees as part of our UK Heritage sites.
  2. The continued nurturing of life-providing tree’s for generations that follow us.
  3. A certificate of appreciation as part of a collective group of environmentally aware companies helping to instigate change.

What happens next?

In 2022, igus® UK Ltd will invest the proceeds from our existing Cable Recycling Program by supporting the Woodland Trust, the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK. Here we invest in the planting, nurturing and continued care and protection of new tree’s.

Our goal is to plant as many tree’s as we can, whilst ensuring the right species are planted, in the right locations to ensure long-lasting, effective growing of this critical life resource for generations to come.
We hope YOU will play a key role in achieving this goal with us.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can work together to take your electrical cable waste and turn it into something beneficial for everyone!

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One of our primary goals at igus® is to actively contribute towards the reduction of plastic waste and we hope YOU as a cable user can help make this positive change for the planet.

So, how are we going to achieve this?

igus® has carefully selected a trusted ISO45001 AND ISO14001 certified partner, Alutrade, a re-processor with 10 years of cable recycling experience. Their ethos is “We are 100% zero to landfill and intend to stay that way, if we cannot recycle it, we will find someone who will.” Together we are dedicated to tackling recycling cables sold in the UK.  Alutrade strives to have as little impact on the world as possible through their recycling processes. The process used in recycling is dependent on OD the cable. They either rupture the cable with a splitter, segregating the materials or place them into a re-processor that vibrates the cable apart. The cables are then re-granulated and made into other plastic parts.

No burning of outer jackets!
No dissolving with chemicals!
Constantly discovering and developing the newest recycling processes

The copper extracted, with your help will be recycled and the funds raised from this will be donated to the amazing National Trust. Participants in this program will receive a certificate from igus® and the National Trust as a thank you for participating.

Simply contact igus® to discuss the easiest way to recycle with igus® today.

Help today!

Cable Recycling Program Customer Testimonials

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Environmental protection is an important element of our actions. We are certified to ISO standard 14001.

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