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chainflex® flexible cables for moving applications

What is a flexible cable?

A flexible cable means a cable that endures continuous flexing, harsh conditions and yet is long lasting. igus® developed "chainflex®" cable range to meet this need, and is guaranteed when used combination with the igus® energy chains.

The igus® chainflex® product range includes everything from control cables, servo cables, motor cables , and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fibre optic cables.

Using a cable in an energy chain subjects it to movement and torsion, resulting in high loads. Our expertise in this area is based on our experience from countless tests performed over the course of 30 years. Cable loading is greatly dependent on travel and bend radius. We have developed seven rules to counteract this loading . They enable us to achieve especially high flexible cable quality and offer the right cable for various requirements.
  • UL-verified 36 month guarantee - All chainflex® cables are rigorously tested in our test lab to guarantee 2 billion test cycles per year.  Learn more.
  • Cable price check - Our cable price check & comparison policy can reduce costs & improve service life. Learn more   
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chainflex® flexible cable types

Control cables

control flexible cable

  • Cores wound in bundles for a long service life
  • Six different outer jacket materials
  • Large range of core cross section combinations
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Bus cables

bus flexible cable

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Motor cables

motor flexible cable

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Data cables

data flexible cable

  • Three different structures suitable for any application
  • Six different outer jacket materials
  • Best EMC properties due to high shield coverage
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Encoder cables

encoder flexible cable

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Servo cables

servo flexible cable

  • Various structures with one or two pair, for motor requirements.
  • Innovative shield pair structure 
  • Special core insulation for greater current flow
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Fibre optic cables

fibre optic flexible cable

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Robot cables

robot flexible cable

  • Special design to counteract torsional motion
  • Cables for robots and multi-axis motion
  • Torsion information unique to the cable industry
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Special cables

special flexible cable

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chainflex® CASE – ship’n store solution by igus®

Reduce costs in delivery, storage space & reordering

The chainflex® CASE is not just a solution for delivering cables. It is a way of storing and re-ordering cables too.  
A QR code makes it easy for you to re-order the cables, 60% faster and can allow you to be in control of scheduling the goods.
In regards to delivery, it is 84% more cost-effective shipping with UPS standard as opposed to on a pallet. With UPS, delivery is made within 1-2 business days.
With the design, the CASE allows you to stack up to three boxes safely so no extra storage system or drum unreeler necessary

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Are you familiar with our online tools?

Simply find and choose a suitable type, calculate its service life and order it online

Product finder

chainflex® product finder

Find the right cable for your application quickly and easily

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Service life calculator

Service life calculator tool

Calculate the service life of any chainflex® cable

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Copper surcharge calculator

chainflex® wiki

Find everything you need for chainflex® cables

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chainflex configurators

Special cables configurator

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Frequently asked questions about chainflex® flexible cables.

What advantages do our cables offer?
At igus® we have the largest range of cable types, over 1,354+ for data, bus, control, drive and hybrid systems. These are availabe from stock, from 1m lengths and can be shipped within 24 hours. 
Our chainflex® flexible cables are suited for any type of motion: such as horizontal, vertical, torsion, high speed.

Why are igus® so confident in their chainflex® flexible cables? 
At igus® we have over 25 years of experience in the field and due to continuous testing in our 3800m² laboratory we are confident in our cables. So confident that we offer up to 36 months guarantee. 

What are the advantages of chainflex® flexible cables?
We have a range of specialised cables that are solely designed and manufactured for special environments and applications such as, cleanroom, oil-resistance, tempertature resistant and halogen-free cables. 

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What advantages do our cables offer?

  • 25 years of experience - up to 36 months guarantee
  • Tested in our own laboratory spread over an area of 3,800 m², 125 test systems, over 800 running tests
  • The largest range with 1,354+ cable types for data, bus and hybrid systems, control and drive
  • Configurable and predictable service life
  • Available from stock, from 1m length within 24 hours
  • Cables for any type of motion: horizontal, vertical, torsion, high speed 
  • Free samples available
  • 50% time reduction when stripping due to unique CFRIP technology

Flexible cable application examples


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