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Automotive manufacturing solutions

Motion plastics are components for the modern automotive industry. Lightweight and quiet operation are just two of the many advantages of precision components made of high-performance plastics. They are also corrosion-resistant and lubrication-free, and their predictable service life makes them reliable components that offer technical advantages and are often more cost-effective than metallic components. From adjustable seats to plain bearings in coolant pumps, igus® products can help with automotive manufacturing solutions.

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Automotive manufacturing solution options

Bearing technology for motor vehicles

iglidur plain bearings for car interior

Find out what the advantages are of using igus bearings in automobiles and exactly where they are within the car.

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Energy chains suitable for automobiles

Energy chain next to car sliding door

Especially for electric vehicles, energy chains are indispensable. Here, you can find out everything about their use in automobiles.

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igus® products for Automotive production

triflex e-chain for robots in automotive manufacturing

Safe and reliable energy supplied to production robots with e-chains and highly flexible special cables for axis 1 to 7.

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Seat adjustments in vehicles

Bearings and e-chains from a single source. Durable, lightweight, quiet

Whether in the backrest, seat, head, arm or leg rest, the modern vehicle seat offers numerous adjustment options. And we have the right bearings and energy supply systems. Linear, pivoting or rotating: we have the right product for every type of movement.  

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Chemical-resistant and high-strength plain bearing

Sustainable ECO plain bearing program made from regranulate

Exceptionally robust thick-walled plain bearing

Applications examples of automotive manufacturing solutions

Related industries


Motorbikes/ scooters

Wear-resistant components for motorcycles and scooters, replacing metal sliding bearings with lubrication-free bearings

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Low weight, long service life and robustness are among the most important requirements for the aviation industry.

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