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Lubrication-free, cost-effective - components for vertical farming

The machines used in vertical farming usually work in a highly sensitive environment, and the demands on the components installed are correspondingly high. With its wide range of maintenance-free products, igus ensures a reliable operation. By dispensing with external lubricants, low-abrasion and FDA-compliant materials and the highest hygiene standards, contamination of the crops is prevented. In addition, our motion plastics score points with their resistance to corrosion and dirt. Our Low Cost Automation systems enable cost-effective farming throughout the year and a fast return on investment.

Advantages of vertical farming

  • Saving space by freeing up traditional agricultural areas
  • Harvest throughout the year, independent and flexible
  • Low transport and storage costs
  • Water saving due to closed cycles
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Relevant igus® products to vertical farming

Delta robot

delta robot
  • Workspace up to Ø 660mm
  • Precise positioning due to motors with encoders
  • If required, pre-assembled, including transport frame or installation kit
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  • Dirt-resistant and corrosion-free
  • Service life tested and calculable online
  • Wide range of standard products and customised special shapes
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igubal® spherical bearings

  • Corrosion-free in moist and wet environments
  • 80% lighter than metallic alternatives
  • Up to 40% more cost-effective than spherical bearings made of metal
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energy chains

energy chain
  • Modular, lightweight and quiet
  • Configure online
  • Low maintenance and easy to assemble
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  • Pre-assembled in modular system
  • Compact and quiet alternative to busbar systems
  • Travels up to 100m
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Vertical farming application examples

Further agricultural industries

Smart farming

Flexible low-cost robots for automated sowing, weeding, harvesting, etc.
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General agricultural engineering

Tough and dirt-resistant components for use in agricultural machinery
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