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drylin® E motor control systems

The innovative motor control systems for stepper EC/BLDC and DC motors

With the drylin® motor control systems, igus® offers cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for controlling linear and rotary drives. Commissioning is quick and easy. The motor control system can be adjusted directly at the device or conveniently via web server and laptop, tablet or smartphone. To reduce commissioning times and related costs, there are free sample programmes to go with the motor control system.
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motor control system

Motor control options

Motor control for drylin E stepper motors, DC motors and EC motors dryve D1

drylin® D1 and D2 - for stepper, EC/BLDC & DC motors

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D3 motor control system

drylin® D3 - for direct current motors

  • Easy to use, quick to connect
  • Controls on the device make it possible to directly control linear carriages, for example
  • Different speeds and starting modes
  • Can be combined with switches or joysticks
  • Cost-effective
  • Ready to use immediately
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D7 stepper motor output stages

drylin® D7, D8, D9 for stepper motors

  • No specific skills, software or programming expertise required
  • Control via standardised cycle/direction interface at higher-level control systems
  • The simplest height adjustments or drawer movements as well as precise pick&place applications possible
  • Free sample programmes
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D5, D6 motor control system

drylin® D5,D6 for direct-current motor

  • Ready to use immediately. No parametrization or programming necessary
  • Left/right run via digital input
  • Speed & Acceleration via external PWM input signal
  • Available with and without a housing
  • Cost-effective
  • Free sample programmes
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drylin® E dryve experience

The fastest and easiest solution for your motor control system

With the help of our new drylin® E dryve experience, we support you during selection and commissioning. There you will find detailed tutorial videos of all functionalities for the respective motor control system, information on applications that have already been implemented as well as a selection guide for the motor control system that is right for you.
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Frequently asked questions about motor control systems

What is an igus® dryve?

igus® produces and tests two motor controllers, suitable for all sorts of motors and applications.

Which motors can I use with the dryve D1?

The dryve D1 can be used to control DC, EC and stepper motors.

Which motors can I use with the dryve D3?

The dryve D3 can control DC motors.

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White paper on motor control systems

New white paper on motor control systems

In our free white paper, we have summarised the most important information about motor control systems for you. The white paper covers the following topics, among others:
  • What are the similarities and differences between igus® motor control systems?
  • Which type of motor should the motor control system fit?
  • Which sensors or signal transmitters must be connected?
  • What kind of integration is required at the control level?
  • Checklist: Which specifications and requirements are important?
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