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Packaging industry

Lubrication-free and low-abrasion components for hygienically sensitive production lines

Where packaging comes into play at the end, sensitive goods such as food and beverages are often involved beforehand. In these complex production lines, speed, precision and purity are of the essence. Adapted to these requirements of the packaging industry, we offer a wide range of plastic machine elements that conform to FDA and EU 10/2011 stipulations, run without lubrication and maintenance breaks and make their contribution to economical production.

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Selected motion plastics for the packaging industry

igubal® self aligning bearing

igubal rod ends
  • Metal rod end with igldur® A160 liner
  • EU 10/2011 compliant
  • Available sizes: M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20
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3D printed components

3d printing
  • Chemical-resistant, 
  • Food-grade laser sintering material
  • Different FDA options
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TH3 – hygienic e-chain®

  • Hygienic Construction
  • Blue colour
  • FDA and EU Compliant
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xiros® guide rollers

xiros roller
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • Cost-effective
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drylin® W linear guides

drylin w linear
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chainflex® cables

chainflex cables
  • Small bend radius
  • Cost-effective, long-life cables
  • Hydrolysis and microbe resistant
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Selected motion plastics for packaging technology

Application examples of our customers

Format adjustments in the packaging industry - from manual to smart positioning



Linear guides with manual clamp for quick and easy adjustment tasks
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Linear axes driven by hand wheel for demanding and precise positioning
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Linear axes with motor and control system for efficient and synchronised format adjustments
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Frequently asked questions

Do all products in packaging need to be FDA approved?

No, FDA certification is only if the products for moving applications where there is either direct food contact or a possibility of food contact.

What are the main igus® products used in the packaging industry?

There are so many products that are used in the packaging industry such as rollers, energy chains, tribo tape and bearings. We have so variations of materials that are suitable, aluminium, stainless steel. a range of plastics

What areas of the packaging industry do igus® products get used in?

There are lots of different areas where igus® products get used in such as conveyors, filing, labelling machines etc.

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Further packaging related industries.


igus® has a developed a range of FDA and EU compliant products that conform to the stringent requirements.
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In the textile industry, lubrication-free and dust-resistant components is top priority which is where igus® comes in
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