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drylin® linear systems

The igus® drylin® linear systems range was designed to glide! The addition of the high-performance polymer sliding element allows the linear bearing assembly to be maintenance-free and resistant to external influences.
The self-lubricating polymers ensures that the system is free moving and very quiet. 
Switching to drylin® linear bearings, not only reduces the costs by up to 40% it increases the service life!
You can configure your own linear bearing assembly in just a few steps with our configurator tool, calculate the service life and send the products directly to your shopping basket!
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Versatile and flexible linear systems

Profile guides

drylin® W profile linear guides

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low profile guides

drylin® N low profile guides

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Rail guide systems

drylin® T linear guide rails

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Round shaft guides

drylin® R shaft guides

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Square linear guides

drylin® Q square guides

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Telescopic rails

drylin® NT telescopic rails

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Pre-load prism guides

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Linear drive technology

linear drives
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Configure a complete system

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You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

Configure online now!

Selected linear system application examples

Available from stock - the cost-effective alternative to recirculating ball bearings


With drylin® linear guides you stay on track, even in hot, cold or wet weather conditions.
They are extremely dirt-resistant and durable, which makes them ideal for cleaning-intensive environments. drylin® is the clean, sliding alternative to recirculating ball bearings.
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