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drylin® R linear shafts systems

drylin® R linear bearings are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings. The special shape of the shaft guides and bearings guarantee toughness and precision – even under extreme environmental conditions.

  • 100 % lubrication-free
  • Large variety of choice in housing shapes
  • Shafts, shaft end blocks and accessories available from stock
  • 8 different shaft materials
  • Replaceable liners
  • Our rails can be joined together to make unlimited lengths, unlike ball bearing systems. 
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Linear shafts

drylin® R shaft

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Linear shaft housing

drylin® R linear shaft housing

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Linear plain bearings

plain linear bearing

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Linear housing with flange


  • Anodised aluminium housing
  • With round or square flange
  • Also available with floating bearing function

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  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Optimised wear quality
  • 100% lubrication-free

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drylin Overview

drylin overview

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Fact check: plain bearings vs. rolling bearing

Characteristics of
igus® plain bearings
Characteristics of
rolling bearings
Technical data of
igus® plain bearings
Technical data of rolling bearingsEspecially relevant
for the following industries:
Precision++++0.02 - 0.15mm0.001 - 0.01mmMachine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Completely lubrication-free++++  Medicine, packaging, food, cleanroom, consumer goods
Maintenance-free++++  For many different branches of industry
Weight advantage++++Aluminium approx. 2.7g/cm³
Polymer approx. 1.5g/cm³
Steel approx. 7.8g/cm³Handling, automation, laboratory, leisure time
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of low loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of high loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Stroke length variance+++++  Camera technology, textile
Coefficient of friction++++0.15 - 0.3 µ0.001 - 0.05 µManual adjustment, pivoting
Sensitivity to dirt++++  Packaging, stone, textile, paper, painting equipment
Noise dampening ¹+++++45 dB60 dBMedicine, laboratory, furniture
Cost advantage+++++  For many different branches of industry
Protection against corrosion+++  Filling systems, chemicals, food
Magnetism++++Plastic, aluminiumSteelMedicine, testing instruments
Chemical resistance++++1.4751 + iglidur® X1.4112Medicine, food, electroplating, filling systems
Compatibility of the modules++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Quiet operation without any vibration+++++  Camera technology, inspection, medicine, 3D printer
Short-stroke suitability++++  Textile, handling
Easy to fit and quick replacement++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Rigidity++++  Machine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Long travels of more than 10m+++  Camera, material handling, logistics
Temperature-resistant++++up to +250 °C Chemicals
Smooth running++++  Manual adjustment
Maximum acceleration ²+++++50m/s²15m/s²Automation, handling
Maximum speed ²++++30 m/s5 - 10m/sAutomation, handling

1) Measured in the igus® laboratory, 400mm stroke, manual adjustment
2) When subjected to low loads, depending on installation size 0.1 to 5kg
Characteristics: +++ strong ++ average + weak

Configure a complete system

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You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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Frequently asked questions about drylin® R

What is drylin® R?

drylin® R is the "round" section of the drylin® family. The standard round hollow and solid shafts are found here, alongside a variety of housings and carriages. 

Where can I use drylin® R products?

drylin® R can be used in a large variety of applications, even extreme environments. You can check the suitability using the configurator tool on our website. 

Why use igus® drylin® R?

The drylin® R required no lubrication, comes in a huge variety of materials and sizes and are standard off the shelf products.

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