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Motion plastics for renewable energy

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is collected from renewable sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels. Generating energy, especially from renewable energy sources, requires reliable and durable technological solutions.

In the process, the different systems are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions, such as UV radiation, fluctuations in temperature, strong winds, dirt and dust, and have to withstand these for years.

Tailored to the specific system, we offer you special solutions made of high-performance polymers, which can help you improve your technology, optimise your system and reduce costs.
  • UV-resistant
  • Insensitive to dirt and dust
  • Corrosion-free
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renewable energy


Lubrication-free bearing technology for tracking systems, floating PV and cleaning systems

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Solar thermal energy

Maintenance-free plain and spherical bearings for parabolic troughs, Fresnel solar panel systems and solar power towers

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Wind power

Robust bearing technology and energy supply for rotor blade adjustments, brake systems and more

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Hydro energy

UV and saltwater-resistant components for wave power plants, hydropower turbines and screening plants

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Renewable energy products with igus®

DNV-GL cables

DNV cables renewable energy
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e-loop® e-chain® systems

e-loop for renewable energy
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E4.1 series e-chain®

large energy chain
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Heavy-duty plain bearings

heavy-duty bearing
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igubal® pillow block bearings

pillow block bearing
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drylin® lead screw technology

lead screw technology
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Plain bearings for PV systems, especially UV-resistant

Bearing inserts, particularly wear-resistant for higher loads

Tree-root pillow block bearing (clip-on version)

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Photovoltaic tracking systems

Withstand all weather conditions: plain bearings in PV trackers

Tracking systems by TecnoSun Solar Systems AG convince due to their cost efficiency thanks to low installation height. For the traction ring, the company required low-maintenance bearings that would withstand decades of operation in all sorts of weather conditions. At igus, they found what they were looking for: dry-running iglidur P plain bearings are maintenance-free, resistant to dirt and extreme weather conditions and withstand heavy loads, should they be covered in thick layers of snow.

Photovoltaic tracking systems

Clean bearing solutions for solar panel cleaning equipment

TG hyLIFT GmbH has developed a remote-controlled cleaner, which rolls along up to 100-metre long solar panels, removing fine dust, bird droppings and lichens. In the wheels, the engineers relied on media-resistant iglidur P plain bearings. In the rotating brush, wear-resistant igubal fixed flange bearings are used as they compensate for alignment errors and operate reliably, even when in continuous contact with water and detergents. Due to their dry operation, igus components are practically maintenance-free.

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Industry solutions and products for photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, wind power, and hydro energy

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