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ReBeL® cobot

The igus® collaborative robot

The ReBeL® cobot is the first robot made of high-performance plastic. At just 8kg, it is the lightest in its class: a real lightweight robot. The compact, space-saving design with an integrated control system in the base opens up completely new fields of application for service robotics. In collaboration with people, the ReBeL® takes on tasks in the event and gastronomy environment, for example as a reliable coffee enricher or as a machine loader in production.

The ReBeL® cobot offers freedom of choice: the robot is available as a plug-and-play version with integrated control system and robot software or as an open-source version. In addition, users can choose between four or six degrees of freedom and therefore adapt the ReBeL® to their individual application scenario.
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Current igus® cobot products

ReBeL® cobot 6 DOF

REBEL-6DOF-00 cobot
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Load capacity (max.): 2 kg 
  • Reach: max. 664 mm 
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ReBel® cobot 4 DOF

rebel 4 DOF cobot
  • Number of axes: 4
  • Load capacity (max.): 3 kg 
  • Reach: max. 495 mm 
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ReBeL® kid

rebel kid cobot
  • Number of axes: 5
  • Payload (Max): 0.5kg
  • Reach: 313.6mm max
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ReBeL® cobot workstation

  • Modular
  • Cost-effective
  • Integrated easily and quickly
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ReBeL® strain wave gear

strain wave cobot
  • Fully integrated individual gearbox with motor, control system and encoder
  • output with encoder and mounting flange
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ReBeL® seventh axis

7th axis cobot
  • Strokes up to 3000 mm
  • Speed up to 0,3 m/s
  • Kinematics will be controlled via digital I/Os
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ReBeL® finger gripper

finger gripper cobot
  • Compatible with all igus® ReBeL® models
  • 4-finger gripper in hand design
  • Motion plastics for low weight
  • Control via USB, TTL (5 V)
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ReBeL® education kit

rebel educational package cobot
  • With ready-to-use educational materials for students and teachers; over 100 hours of learning material
  • Compatible with ReBeL® Cobot and ReBeL® KID
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ReBeL® accessories

rebel cobot accessories
  • A range of accessories available for the ReBeL® family. 
  • From base plates, to cable carriers, from adapters to gripper sets. 
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igus® ReBeL tech facts


Up to 2kg payload


Up to 664mm reach


Up to six degrees of freedom


Speed max. 7 picks/min


Repeatability: ±1mm


Weight 8.2kg

igus® Robot Control

The free license-free software

How are cobots controlled? There are a variety of control systems and software that can control cobots, some which are independent and some which require human intervention.

The igus® ReBeL cobot is compatible with the igus® Robot Control system.
You can download and try out the associated software free of charge in advance.
Easily program your ReBeL robotic solution.
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Configure your cobot free of charge

The ReBeL® cobot doesn’t need a control panel, instead it uses our robotic arm configurator to program and tests various applications in advance. If you need to program multiple robots for different tasks,  the configurator can do it for you.

The software is easy to use and ideal for beginner programmers. It comes with pre-programmed projects as well, helping to get you started.

Use the configurator

Frequently asked questions

What is a cobot?

A cobot is a collaborative robot that is designed to work alongside humans in a specific space.

What is the difference between a robot and a cobot?

Robots are designed to work independently to humans. They are usually found in industries and applications where repetitive tasks or hazardous environments are found. A cobot is designed to work alongside humans in a specific space.

What is an example of a cobot?

An example of a cobot would be a Universal Robot or the igus® ReBeL®. Although very different in terms of what they are designed for, both perfect examples of collaborative robots.

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