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yes - the young engineers support from igus®

The young engineers support (yes) is an initiative of igus® GmbH (Cologne). igus® is a researcher, developer and producer of high-performance polymer plain bearings and e-chain systems®. The company can look back on more than 50 years of company history. Worldwide, igus® has about 3,800 employees and 35 offices as well as 51 sales partners in more than 80 countries. Within the yes initiative, igus® supports pupil and student projects with free samples, sponsorships and consultations. For example, yes sponsors various Formula Student Teams in Germany and worldwide with its lightweight and lubrication-free plain bearing technology. yes offers pupil and student groups the possibility of visiting the production facility of the igus® factory in Cologne-Lind.

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robolink at the University of Heidenheim With robolink, yes supports young mechanical engineers.
At the University of Heidenheim, a team of six young mechanical engineering students built a robot as a project, which can assemble parts independently and reconstruct its own basic structure. The journey was the destination: within three months, the robot had to be developed, constructed and programmed by the team itself. A 5-axis articulated robot was chosen as it offers a wide range of applications due to its exchangeable end module.
VDInis visit yes - the y stands for young
VDI offspring - the VDInis - have visited the igus® plant in Porz. At the event which lasted approximately three hours, parents and children learned a lot about plastic, motion plastics and igus, and also had a factory tour and a subsequent tinker with e-chain.  
Low-Cost Robotics The winner of the Low Cost Robotics Innovation Competition had an idea for a time-saving automation in 3D printing,
Robert Hofmann GmbH convinced the jury. The prize, a voucher for €3,000 for a robolink D robot arm by igus® is supposed to make this concept come true. The low-cost robot would be used in the company's training centre. This innovation is supposed to make the manual exchange of building panels in the company's own 3D printer unnecessary.