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Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring with igus® smart plastics

Making machines and equipment safer and more efficient

 Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring are considered to be components of Industry 4.0. With its energy chains, cables, plain bearing and linear bearing products, igus' aim is to increase safety and machine efficiency, therefore improving technical performance or reducing costs. Ideally, we can achieve both if maintenance times are made plannable and products are used longer, for example.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance  

Maintain machines and equipment proactively before shutdown or quality losses occur.

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Condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring  

Increased safety and machine efficiency due to regular or permanent detection of the condition of machines

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FAQ & Integration

What is igus smart plastics? What does industry 4.0 mean? The links below guide you to our smart plastcis blog page:

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The most fascinating projects with igus smart plastics

Indoor crane

A big German crane manufacturer relies on the isense online system to ensure optimum production. The EC.B break detection sensor, the EC.P push/pull force monitoring sensor and the CF.P chainflex tensile force sensor are used as deactivating systems.  All dynamic data are loaded into the igus cloud by the icom module via IoT. Here, "machine learning" and AI algorithms calculate the service life and display it on a web dashboard on any internet-enabled device, indicating "days until the next recommended maintenance work".

smart plastics in indoor crane

Austrian automotive supplier

An Austrian automotive parts supplier uses smart plastics from igus for its indoor gantry cranes, which handle engine blocks automatically.

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Smart placement of toasting bread in the bag

Predictive planning with CF.Q

"The machine works with really high stroke rates in a relatively small installation space. For this reason, we needed cables with high flexural strength. In addition, we had to find a preventive warning system to avoid a possible cost-intensive breakdown of this machine with its high output", explains Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Tausch, Head of Electrical Engineering, GHD required specifications.


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