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Condition monitoring system with smart sensor technology for machine data acquisition

igus® i.Sense: Eliminate unplanned downtime and increase machine availability with smart plastics

"Trust is good, control is better" - smart plastics gives you full control over your systems. smart plastics combine igus high-performance plastics with state-of-the-art sensor technology. The condition monitoring system i.Sense for energy chains and cables consists of several components.

Various sensors are available for machine data acquisition, depending on the application. This means that both mechanical factors such as push/pull forces are recorded as well as electrical ones, such as the cable quality. The connected i.Sense module in the switch cabinet, evaluates all sensor data and triggers follow-up actions. This allows direct input into the machine control system and location-independent visualisation within an online dashboard. It provides the foundations for condition-based maintenance in the smart factory.  
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condition monitoring

i.Sense condition monitoring technology in detail:

Acquire data - Evaluate data - Distribute data

Condition monitoring system sensors

i.Sense sensors

i.Sense smart condition monitoring sensors are used to continuously monitor the operating condition of moving components. They can perform various functions, depending on the application. In energy chains, they are used to monitor push/pull forces (i.Sense EC.P) and to identify chain breaks at an early stage (i.Sense EC.B).

For guided chainflex cables, modern smart plastics sensor technology can be used to monitor the tensile forces on the cables (i.Sense CF.P) and measure cable quality (i.Sense CF.Q) and data transmission rate (i.Sense CF.D). All i.Sense machine data acquisition sensors can also be integrated into the energy supply system at a later date. 
Condition monitoring system evaluation module

i.Sense evaluation module

Subsequently, all supplied sensor data can be evaluated during operation by the i.Sense Module II, which is mounted in the switch cabinet of the system to be monitored. In active fault management, all movement anomalies are detected and directly reported to the user or the machine control system, e.g. Siemens PLC.

With the latest generation, up to four condition monitoring sensors for energy chains and cables can be connected simultaneously with only one switch cabinet module, which means significant savings in space and cost. The new module also offers many typical Industry 4.0 use cases, such as remote resetting via WLAN/SMS and an SMS/e-mail alarm function.
Condition monitoring online dashboard

i.Sense connectivity

The i.Sense module offers other network option besides direct integration into the PLC plant control system to prevent total machine failure in an emergency. One is location-independent alerting with the optional SMS module. Another is that all acquired sensor data can be output to an online dashboard.

The condition monitoring dashboard shows at a glance, online or locally, the remaining service life of components equipped with smart technology. The current condition is also displayed in colour using a traffic light code. This immediately gives the system operator a clear picture of the system's condition, enabling him to predictively plan upcoming maintenance intervals.

How does smart plant monitoring work with i.Sense, the condition monitoring system?

Intelligent machine data acquisition made easy smart plastics and i.Sense

The advantages of the intelligent condition monitoring system - i.Sense:

▲ Tech up
  • Increase machine availability and maximum service life
  • Better fault analysis thanks to real-time machine data acquisition
  • Easy to integrate into Industry 4.0/smart factory concepts
▼ Cost down
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime and machine failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs with early warnings
  • Implement condition-based maintenance

Examples of condition monitoring successfully implemented in practice

GHD Maschinenbau GmbH
Mercedes-Benz Group


"Maximum reliability"

Condition monitoring system in the gantry "Thanks to the digital machine data acquisition and networking of machines and products, we can continuously record component condition and receive a predictive notification as soon as repair or replacement is required."

Daniel Bangerter, Head of Customer Care for Güdel Deutschland GmbH

Customer applications worldwide

Overview of condition monitoring examples In international automotive production, the global crane industry, or regional wastewater plants: i.Sense condition monitoring systems are successfully used wherever maintenance costs are saved and machine downtime is prevented:

To the application overview

Condition monitoring systems for energy chain condition monitoring

i.Sense EC.P condition monitoring system

Push/pull force monitoring for e-chains with i.Sense EC.P

  • Measures the push/pull forces on the e-chain
  • Recommends shutdown of the equipment if a force limit is exceeded
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i.Sense EC.B condition monitoring system

Breakage detection for e-chains with i.Sense EC.B

  • Detects chain breakage in the early stages
  • Prevents overloading and subsequent system failure
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i.Sense EC.W service life sensor

Low-cost condition monitoring with i.Sense EC.W

  • Real-time chain condition monitoring
  • Direct, wired connection to the machine control system
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Condition monitoring systems for cable and line condition monitoring

i.Sense CF.P condition monitoring system

i.Sense CF.P: tensile force monitoring for cables

  • Measures the forces directly at the strain relief element
  • Triggers a shutdown by means of the NC contact if forces are excessive
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i.Sense CF.Q condition monitoring system

Cable quality monitoring with i.Sense CF.Q

  • Measures the quality of the cable cores
  • Sends a signal in the event of a core rupture or stops the system via a normally closed contact if desired
to the i.Sense CF.Q product page
i.Sense CF.D condition monitoring system

Data transmission monitoring with i.Sense CF.D

  • Integrated in the cable, no extra measuring cable necessary
  • Package losses are detected in good time
  • Alarm via normally closed contact or network
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When do I need smart condition monitoring of energy chains?

Condition monitoring instead of production downtime

When regular maintenance work requires complete production shutdown ...
Condition monitoring system for very small deviations

When motion anomalies cannot be detected by humans in time ... 
Condition monitoring for continuous monitoring

If plants or machines need to be monitored frequently or continuously ...
Condition monitoring for hard-to-reach areas

If energy supply system travels are difficult to access or view ... 
Condition monitoring for security areas

If maintenance work poses a health or safety risk ...
Condition monitoring for reducing costs

If maintenance costs are to be reduced and service life extended ...

General smart plastics overview

Insight into the entire igus Industry 4.0 product portfolio

Table of contents for this free brochure:
  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Advantages of condition monitoring systems
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Systems for predictive maintenance
  • Advantages of predictive maintenance systems
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • Data flow in modern smart factory concepts
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Condition monitoring systems form the basis for predictive maintenance

smart plastics always gives you the right maintenance strategy

Condition monitoring systems form the basis for predictive maintenance
For a solid foundation for predictive maintenance concepts, you need a smart network of individual condition monitoring systems. At igus, everything related to predictive maintenance falls under the term i.Cee. Similarly, i.Sense encompasses all condition monitoring systems. 

The central element here is the i.Cee software, which, combined with i.Sense condition monitoring sensors on the energy chain, the plain bearing bushing, or a linear carriage, transform stock products into smart ones. This upgrade creates the capability of determining maximum service life and optimal maintenance intervals in real time based on real usage data.
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smart plastics FAQs

Condition monitoring with igus: definition, differences, advantages and disadvantages, and many more explanations

What is condition monitoring? Condition monitoring is the regular or continuous recording or monitoring of the condition of a machine (especially for rotating components or moving applications), system, or process.
What is a condition monitoring system? Condition monitoring systems  are critical to understanding the behaviour of machines and integral to equipment reliability.
What are the advantages of condition monitoring systems? Most successful examples point to the following benefits: maximised production, increased service life, and reduced maintenance costs.
For this and many other issues, such as condition monitoring systems in the smart factory, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and the Internet of Things, and for all the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers, see our igus blog:
condition monitoring FAQs

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