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Experience the future with i.Cee: predictive maintenance

What does igus predictive maintenance (i.Cee) mean?

Smart networking of individual components creates the solid foundation for predictive maintenance concepts. At igus, predictive maintenance is summarised under the term i.Cee. The central element of this system is the i.Cee software. Sensors on the energy chain, the plain bearing bush, or a linear carriage, transform products deliverable from stock into smart products. This upgrade creates the capability of determining your igus® product's maximum service life, and the i.Cee system also tells you the perfect time for servicing it. Algorithms adapt the service life and the service time to the equipment's use. The software we provide and a few sensors transform standard products available from stock into smart energy supply or bearing technology in no time.

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More time for your own ideas ...

... thanks to less downtime with igus i.Cee

In automotive production, the conveyor belt never stops. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with energy and data. It is precisely in such environments that intelligent concepts in the style of predictive maintenance make the most sense. Whether a new project for Industry 4.0 or efficiency-driven retrofitting - our smart plastics solutions are available as universal modular systems and can be individually adapted to any system. 

Predictive maintenance in automotive production

smart plastics news 2021 ...

... Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years. The immense challenges of the current pandemic time have spurred us on to even greater efforts.
Experience all smart plastics innovations 2021 such as the new i.Cee:plus for predictive maintenance in drylin W profile guides or reliable condition monitoring on bus cables for the first time without extra sacrificial cores right here.

2021 smart plastics news - overview

How does predictive maintenance with i.Cee benefit you?

  • Avoid expensive production losses due to unplanned plant downtime
  • Reduce maintenance and servicing costs
  • Maximise the service life of the igus® components you are using
  • Another quick, simple step for integrating your system(s) into networked Industry 4.0 concepts

The igus® white paper on predictive maintenance

clarifies the distinction between condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

In our white paper, you can find out about the following: 

  • What igus® condition monitoring (i.Sense) means
  • What igus® predictive maintenance (i.Cee) means
  • What technology is behind both systems?
  • What the two systems offer industrial energy supply?

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You determine the manner of data transfer and access

Data transfer within your local corporate network (i.Cee:local) or on a secure cloud (i.Cee:cloud)



Your data never leaves your corporate network, since the i. Cee software communicates only within the networks you want it to.
The options range from an energy chain within a single machine to a machine park and your own output interface.   



This internet-based solution has two options. In the first, your data is transferred directly to the cloud, where it is made available in a protected area that can be accessed with a browser dashboard. In the second, the data go to an intermediate location on the i. a so-called data concentrator. The i. is at your location, allowing you to stop or adjust data exchange with the cloud at any time.

The i.Cee hardware




Small box with a big effect and long range with LoRa wireless transmission. 
The weatherproof box (IP.68) is installed in the machine's control cabinet, where it receives the energy chain or plain bearing sensor data and hosts the i. Cee. software.
The box can also have a multiple asset connection, which also allows the use of igus® condition monitoring units.   

More about the i.Cee:box


The i. Cee:plus module, which is installed in the control cabinet or directly in the machine, collects sensor data from the energy supply or plain bearing and transfers it to the i. Cee software.  

More info on i.Cee:plus



The sensors in the energy chain or plain bearing communicate directly with your corporate software, which transfers the data to the i. Cee software for evaluation.
Direct communication between sensors and software constitutes the most complex but also the most individual solution.


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