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energy chains for circular and spiral movements

energy chains are the most modular way of safely transferring energy, data, fluids and air. Whether horizontally, vertically along all axes or in a circle. igus® energy chains fulfil this requirement completely. Various systems for rotary and spiral movements can be selected, and properties such as modularity and versatility and a high degree of stability ensure dependability.  
Typical industries and applications: handling machines, robots & packaging machines

Alternatives to the slip ring

As our energy chain systems do not have slip rings, media such as air, oil or water can easily be transferred without any interruption.

e-chain® for circular and spiral movements: twisterchain

igus® twisterchain

Robust & quiet up to a rotation angle of 540°

  • Strong, quiet in operation and a good weight-to-length ratio
  • Tested: more than 1 million cycles in the company's own laboratory
  • Smooth cable-friendly interior
  • Rotary speeds of up to 1m/s or more
  • High fill weights possible
  • Rotation angle >540 degrees upon request

twisterchain - circular and spiral energy supply solution

Rotary movement in very small spaces: twisterband

igus twisterband

In extremely small installation spaces twisting up to 7,000°

twisterband - compact rotating energy supply

The standard for circular movements: rotating energy supply solution

igus rotating energy supply solution

The modular system for fast-rotating applications.

  • Rotation angles up to 540° (on one level)
  • Rotation angles of 900° and more are possible with the igus®
    Multi Rotation Modules
  • Maximum rotation angle in minimal installation space
  • Rotation speed of up to 360°/s
  • Lighter and more compact than static guide troughs

Rotating energy supply solution for circular movements

Maintenance-free e-spool® system

Space-saving & spring-operated cable reel without slip ring

The compact e-spools for two and four metre pullout are space-saving systems with small linear chains and twisterbands for a wide variety of applications where space is limited. As in the case of the larger standard and heavy-duty systems, the compact e-spool system enables problem-free transfer and flexible filling.

  • Implemented small circular movements
  • Energy supply in all directions
  • Space-saving and virtually "invisible"
  • Very lightweight design (SP1.240 series made from aluminium)
  • Cables can be retrospectively added or changed

e-spoo®l in compact options
e-spool compact

3D CAD portal

3D CAD portal for energy chains

Design energy chains faster. CAD models for a wide variety of systems. Design of energy chain systems made easy.

Customer application examples

More information on energy chains

chainflex® cables for motion

chainflex® cables for motion

Fail-safe cables for energy chains

Troughs for energy chain systems

Guide troughs

Support of your e-chain for quiet and low-friction operation.

Test laboratory for igus® energy chains


Every year, 3,000 e-chain tests are performed in order to ensure that they can withstand the hardest of conditions.  

energy chain catalogue

The e-chain catalogue for direct downloading online!


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