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Plain bearings made of iglidur® high-performance polymers

For more than 50 years, igus® have been producing iglidur® plastic plain bearings. Used for technical and economic advantage over all types of metal plain bearings, iglidur® bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, chemical resistant, universally applicable and reduce costs by up to 40 percent and are up to 7 times lighter than the metal equivalent.
They can withstand extreme temperatures and are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. iglidur® bearings are available in a wide range of standard catalogue options and also custom 3d printed, moulded or machined.

By switching to iglidur® bearings, customers can increase their technology and reduce their costs. igus® products can be delivered within 24 hours, can be configured using the service-life calculators and have been extensively tested in the laboratory.   

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iglidur® plain bearing product finder

igus® plain bearings are manufactured from innovative high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications and run extensive tests on its bearing materials to compile data into an online database called the iglidur® Expert System. This system provides comprehensive suitability and service life analysis of all iglidur® materials allowing you to choose the best product for your application in a few easy steps.

Simply enter your requirements, including design, load, speed, shaft material and housing and discover the most suitable material and the lifetime of the bearing within your application.

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