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Maintenance-free heavy-duty and fibre composite plain bearings

Self-lubricating heavy duty bearings

Composite bearings are a combination of different materials. Mineral materials are woven with fibres, combined with synthetic resins and other additives and then pressed together under high temperatures and pressure.
With our igutex® plain bearings, a robust fibreglass fabric serves as the outer shell, while an inner layer optimised for sliding properties reduces friction on the shaft.
The combination of these materials results in high-strength composite fibre plain bearings that have been developed for very high loads and primarily used in agricultural, construction and mining machinery. As our igutex® composite bearings contain solid lubricants, they do not require any maintenance or additional lubrication. 

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composite bearing

What is special about igutex fibre composite plain bearings?

Fibre composite plain bearing structure
Where injection-moulded plain bearings cannot be used due to excessive mechanical loads, wound igutex® fibre composite plain bearings play to their strength. They consist of two layers

1 Gliding layer

The gliding layer consists of a filament fabric with solid lubricants, which makes the composite plain bearings self-lubricating and maintenance-free with particularly low coefficients of friction.

2 Base layer

The outer layer of igutex® slide bearings is made of particularly hard-wearing filament fabrics and serves to protect the tribologically optimised inner layer. 

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igutex® TX1

igutex TX1 composite bearing
  • Robust all-round material
  • Up to 200 MPa static and 140 MPa dynamic
  • Wear resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Good media resistance
  • Lubricant and maintenance free
  • Standard program from stock
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igutex® TX2

igutex TX2 composite bearings
  • Perfect for hard shafts
  • Particularly low wear in heavy-duty areas
  • Up to 3.5 times more wear-resistant than igutex® TX1
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore a long service life
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igutex® TX3

igutex TX3 composite bearings
  • For continuous operation at the highest loads
  • Lowest wear rates under extreme dry running conditions 
  • No lubrication and maintenance 
  • Tested in the igus test laboratory up to 130 MPa and 0.01 m/s swiveling 
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Why you benefit from igutex composite bearings and iglidur plain bearings

Icon cost down

Save time and money

✅ No costs for lubricants
✅ No failures due to insufficient lubrication
✅ Time and money saved on daily maintenance
Icon lubrication-free

No loss lubrication

✅ No release of lubricant into the environment
✅ No loss lubrication for wear protection 
✅ No centralised lubrication necessary
Icon heavy-duty

Developed for high loads

✅ Extremely robust and wear-resistant
✅ Tested under real operating conditions
✅ Predictable service life thanks to test database

igutex® fibre composite plain bearings are used here

Reliable despite dirt and grime 

All-terrain vehicle The track vehicle from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG relies on wound igutex® heavy-duty plain bearings in the oscillating and tensioning axles. Even when driving through mud, slush and bog, the igutex® plain bearings are reliable. 

Lubrication costs saved

Oscillating axles The Demarko company uses igutex® composite bearings in oscillating axles for semi-trailers. Since the fabric bushings do not have to be lubricated and are part of the igus standard range, Demarko was able to reduce production costs. 

20 tons load and salt water

A-frame The A-Frame from Ship & Yacht Engineering Ltd. can lift loads up to 20 tons. Therefore, heavy-duty composite bearings that are suitable for high loads were required. For use on the high seas, they should also be weatherproof.

Frequently asked questions

Do composite bearings require lubrication?

Like all our bearings, igutex® composite bearings require no lubrication as this is already built into the ‘gliding’ layer. igutex® will also accept lubrication, should this be necessary for your application.

What sizes are igutex® composite bearings available in?

Our composite bearings are available as a sleeve bearing with an internal diameter as small as 20mm up to whatever size you need! They can also be manufactured as a thrust washer with gliding surfaces on one or both sides.

Can igus® composite bearings be machined?

Yes, igus® can provide igutex® composite bearings to your required specification, we are also able to provide guidance on machining – just talk to one of our engineers!

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