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Pre-load prism guides

drylin® N pre-load prism guides are guaranteed to deliver a firm grip. The pre-load for all linear carriages can be freely selected from four classes. This allows precisely controlled adjustment without any stick-slip effect. Pre-load class selection allows defined selection of displacement forces,  which remain constant throughout the service life, and enables the carriage to hold the load in place. 

  • Various widths
  • 100% maintenance-free and lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • Quiet operation
  • Stop motion available for endlessly variable adjustable guidance
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Pre-load prism slide – dovetail design

Guide rails

  • Corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium
  • With standard fixing holes or without holes
  • Prism geometry for great holding forces
  • Defined displacement forces

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drylin® N guide carriage, individual pre-load

Individual pre-load carriage

  • Standard prism carriages with individual pre-load
  • For variable distances
  • 4 pre-load classes
  • Bolted connections from below or threaded pins

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drylin® N complete solution for linear applications with compact installation space

Dual carriage pre-load

  • Long prism carriage with dual pre-load
  • More stable guide length
  • 4 pre-load classes
  • Bolted connections from below or threaded pins

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Configure a complete system

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You can use the drylin® linear guides expert to quickly and easily configure an individual linear guide for your application in just five steps.

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Pre-load prism slide displacement forces

Frequently asked questions about pre-load prism guides

What are drylin® N prism rails?  

drylin® N prism rails are lubrication free rails with pre loaded carriages, delivering a firm hold.

Where would you use drylin® N prism rails and carriages?

Any application where a lightweight profile is required and you want easy positioning of carriages. 

Why would you use drylin® N pre-load prism guides?

You would use them for smooth operations within a linear system. Applications that require no lubrication and require silent movement. 

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Application examples for pre-load prism guides

drylin® N low-profile guide systems are deployed particularly in places where the installation spaces are small while demands are high. The compact but tough design meets the highest demands with regard to precision and flexibility. The various widths for the guides and the wide range of guide carriages provide a great variety of application options.  

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