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Utility vehicles & lorries

High loads, dirt, heat, low temperatures and moisture: utility vehicles and lorries have a rough working day. No tradesperson can afford downtime, and usually the tight schedules do not allow time for professional maintenance. Energy chains, plain bearings and linear guides made of igus plastics help you increase reliability in and around the vehicle at many fault-prone places. Our products are characterised by their toughness, long predictable running times and the fact that they do not require additional lubrication. No lubricants does not only mean no regular, necessary lubrication, but also no dirt contained in the grease that damages the material and limits mobility.

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igus® polymer products for utility vehicles

iglidur® G plain bearings

iglidur G plain bearings
  • Reliable in severe dirt and dust
  • Very wear-resistant
  • No additional lubrication necessary
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Large range of sizes available
  • Flange and sleeve options
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Energy chain E4.1L

Energy supply E4.1L
  • Save up to 80% installation time
  • e-chain® for fast interior separation
  • Completely harnessed energy chain
  • For very small bend radii and low temperature applications
  • For all movements and axes
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drylin® W linear guides

drylin W linear guide
  • Quiet operation
  • Self-lubricating
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Corrosion-free
  • For exact re-positioning
  • A range of sizes available.
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Heavy-duty bearing TX1

igutex TX1 plain bearing
Ideal, e.g. for use on tail lifts
  • Up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic
  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
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dryspin® lead screw technology

dryspin lead screw technology
e.g. in the variable front spoiler
  • Outstanding emergency running properties
  • Integrated solid lubricants
  • No maintenance or lubrication
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igubal® coupling joints

igubal coupling joints
e.g. in the gearbox
  • Lighter than metallic bearings
  • Wear-resistant and vibration-dampening
  • Economical and lubrication-free
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Further information

motion plastics are already successfully used here

Which bearing at which installation point?

  • Lorry: we will show you the right bearing for every requirement
  • Whether installed in the chassis, engine compartment or in the driver's cab

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Utility vehicles product brochure

An overview of our products, their locations of use in trucks and trailers, our services and igus® contacts worldwide can be found in our brochure, which you can download as a PDF.
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