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chainflex® pneumatic hose CFAIR
  • For extremely heavy-duty applications
  • PU hose
  • Oil- and coolant-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Outside-toleranced
  • PVC and halogen-free
  • Colour: blue
from 0.45 USD/ft
6 different sizes available.
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chainflex® Clean Air pneumatic hoses
  • For heaviest duty applications
  • PE hose
  • Oil resistant and coolant-resistant
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Outside-toleranced
  • PVC and halogen-free
  • Colour: light grey
from 0.79 USD/ft
6 different sizes available.
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Pneumatic hoses

chainflex® pneumatic hoses for energy chains are hoses for heavy duty use. The pneumatic hoses are tested in e-chains® with many million cycles. The PU or PE pneumatic hoses are abrasion, oil and coolant resistant as well as halogen free. The chainflex® pneumatic hoses have external tolerances. chainflex® pneumatic hoses can even be used at high speeds and rapid accelerations as well as in cleanrooms and vacuums.

Robust yet flexible, cost-effective yet long-lasting: this mix of advantageous properties score high for the pneumatic hoses from igus®. The PE and PU hoses withstand pressures of up to 12 bar, are resistant to abrasion, oil, coolant and temperatures from -25 °C up to +80 °C. The hoses are PVC- and halogen-free (EN 60754), suitable for cleanrooms (ISO Class 1 at CAPE. A.) and vacuum applications.  Order without minimum order quantity from 1 m length and benefit from our free cutting service.