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Application examples with smart plastics

smart examples with energy chains + cables

Application examples: smart plastics for energy chains + cables

smart examples for bearing technology

Application examples: smart plastics for bearing technology

Complete smart plastics package on RMG crane

Which smart plastics technology is used?
Condition monitoring:
EC.P for determining the push/pull forces, EC.B for determining chain breaks, CF.P for measuring the tensile force on cables, EC.M sensor for the movement data and EC.W sensor for measuring the abrasion on the energy chain.
Predictive maintenance: 
i.Cee. local
Why is it used?
For maximum system protection, overview, maintenance management, product service life and safety. 

Maintenance planning for linear robot

Which smart plastics technology is used?
EC.M sensor for motion data and EC.W sensor for the measurement of abrasion along the energy chain
Why is it used?
The two sensors transfer the measured values via the module (now i.Cee module) directly to Güdel's condition monitoring system, which evaluates the data and makes maintenance predictable.  

smart plastics in gantry crane
Güdel measuring machine with smart plastics

24/7 emergency monitoring in the sewage treatment plant

Which smart plastics technology is used?
EC.P pull force monitoring system for the energy chain
Why is it used? 
The sedimentation tank surface scrapers in wastewater treatment plants operate very slowly, but do so 24/7 and it is possible that damage to the system will not be detected until hours later. In order to shut down the plant in an emergency, the EC.P module is used in many wastewater treatment plants with an energy chain, shutting down the plant in an emergency so that the damage can be rectified and total damage is avoided.  

Condition monitoring for automotive parts suppliers

Which smart plastics technology is used?
EC.B sensor for breakage monitoring + EC.W for measurement of the abrasion along the energy chain.
Why is it used? 
For the customer, it is important that subsequent damage to the equipment be prevented in the event of chain breakage. The EC.B module detects a breakage in the energy chain and switches the equipment off or at least indicates a fault. By means of the EC.W sensor, the abrasion along the e-chains is measured, as a result of which maintenance is predictable 

Cable monitoring for bread packaging machinery

Which smart plastics technology is used?
CF.Q = Cable monitoring 
Why is it used?
At 80 cycles per minute, several million cycles are reached within just a few months. Of course, the machine should operate for many years without failing. CF.Q does not lengthen the service life of the cables but can calculate their exact service life and thus makes maintenance 100% predictable.

CF.D animation
Animation of the application
CF.Q in bread packaging equipment
Bread packaging with CF.Q

Longest travel with intelligent roller chain system

Which smart plastics technology is used?
i.Sense EC.P for permanent monitoring of the plant

Why is it used? 
The system includes an intelligent sensor system for monitoring the pull/push forces, which can be used for an emergency shutdown in the event of increased forces. 

smart rol e-chain®

Predictive maintenance in train washing station

Which smart plastics technology is used?
EC.M motion sensor, EC.W abrasion sensor, EC.B breakage sensor, i.Cee:plus for the evaluation of sensor data, i.Cee:net for the transfer of data to the i.Cee dashboard 
Why is it used? 
The purpose of condition monitoring of the built-in components is to ensure that, if damage occurs, the machine is shut down, whereby the predictive maintenance system provides an optimum maintenance plan for the built-in components.

i.Cee dashboard
Dashboard that can be called up online
smart plastics train washing station

Maximum safety on a rail-mounted gantry crane (RMG)

Which smart plastics technology is used?
i.Cee with EC.B breakage detection + EC.M motion sensor
Why is it used?
Depending on the damage, the number of unscheduled shutdowns of a crane quickly reaches the four or five digit range. To ensure that energy chain wear is detected in good time, the i.Cee System determines the optimum time for maintenance. 
At the same time, the system increases machine safety and also protects people, as no damage occurs.  

Plain bearing bushings in agricultural machinery

Intelligent bearings in agricultural machinery

Which smart plastics technology is used?
i.Sense bushing
Why is it used?
Due to heavy loads and the additional effects of dirt, vibration and weather, a huge amount of stress is placed on bearing points, but they are sometimes maintained irregularly as well or, due to the difficulty of access, are sometimes badly or only partly maintained. This is where the smart bearing is of help as it always reports the current condition of components and how worn they are.      

i.sense GLW display
Diodes show the condition of the bearing(s)
Plain bearings in agricultural machinery

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