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Flexible control cable

Control cables

A control cable is a cable that transmits switching statuses and control signals between a transmitter and a receiver. Control cables from igus® are used wherever cables are subjected to increased loads due to movement, torsion or harsh environmental conditions. The chainflex control cables are available for the most varied mechanical requirements in various approvals and conformity. Depending on the type of control cable, they can be torsion-resistant, suitable for narrow radii, very low temperatures, UV-resistant, flame-retardant or halogen-free. Tested in the igus laboratory for millions of cycles in e-chains, they provide guaranteed safety against failure.

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No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee

Dependable cables for movements in the e-chain - for many cycles, high speeds and accelerations and more challenges.


Up to 36 months guarantee

In our 3,800m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces – and we can confidently give them an up to 36-month guarantee!


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Find the right cable for every application - and directly calculate the service life!

Where are flexible control cables used?

Flexible control cable in an energy chain

Control cables from igus are specifically designed to operate with minimal maintenance and provide long-lasting service. Control cables are mainly used in motion applications where there is a high demand on the jacket and cable cores.


Production facilities are becoming more complex and environmental conditions are becoming increasingly aggressive for industrial cables. In modern energy chains, a cable structure with cores wound in layers is no longer sufficient to prevent the unwanted corkscrew effect.

Control cable for moving applications


If the cables are subjected to high mechanical stress, core ruptures or corkscrews permanent or alternating bending of the cables can occur. With chainflex control cables, these problems are effectively avoided by bundling 12 cores. To protect against cable break or corkscrews igus has made  flexible control cable that is durable, dependable and suitable for energy chains.


The jacket materials as well as the shielding of the cables are specially adapted for moving applications to defy the high material loads. The various jacket materials also protect the cable from adverse environmental conditions. To match this, igus offers jacket materials made of PVC, TPE, PUR or iguPUR, whose properties differ. All igus control cables are available in both shielded and unshielded versions.
If cont rol cables are installed together with other cables, good shielding should be ensured. Shielded cables protect the signals from electromagnetic int erference from adjacent cables, e.g. motor cables. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the coupling between cables, can be extremely problemati c, which, is often the case with energy chains, are routed in parallel over a certain distance.
All chainflex control cable s are regularly tested for long life under extreme loads in the igus in-house test laboratory. For more than 25 years, igus has been working in a dedicated test laboratory to optimise service life of the product and predict it more accurately. In an area of more than 2,750 square metres, an average of 600 tests run in parallel every day, always with the aim of checking and improving the longevity of their own control cables. The test results are available online and are part of igus' online service life calculator for cables, which allows customers to ca lculate online the minimum number of strokes of their cable at any time before purchase. Each control cable is sold by the metre in the igus shop and, if required, also harnessed.

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