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chainflex® - flexible cables for use in energy chains

Industrial cables in energy chains or connected to robots that are in continuous flex, require specific properties if they are to function reliably over a long period of time. igus flexible cables withstand and combat struggles such as large cycle numbers, high speeds and accelerations, challenging ambient conditions, long distances and the most adverse environmental influences. All our chainflex cables can be calculated and configured with our range of online tools so you can find the right cable for you in every application. Manufactured in the UK, igus chainflex products range includes bus cables, data cables, fibre optic cables, measuring system cables, motor cables, robot cables, servo cables, control cables and directly harnessed readycables.

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chainflex® bus cable

Bus cables

  • Tested for 76 million strokes

More information on bus cables
chainflex® data cable

Data cables

  • Tested for 53 million strokes

More information on data cables
chainflex® fibre optic cables (FOC)

Fibre Optic Cable

  • Tested for 50 million strokes

More information on fibre optic cables
chainflex® encoder cable

Encoder cables

  • Tested for 66 million strokes

More information on encoder cables
chainflex motor cable

Motor cables

  • Tested for 43 million strokes

More information on motor cables
chainflex® robot cable

Robot cables

  • Tested for 22 million strokes

More information on robot cables
chainflex® servo cable

Servo cables

  • Tested for 53 million strokes

More information on servo cables
chainflex® control cable

Control cables

  • Tested for 41 million strokes

More information on control cables
readycable® harnessed cables

Directly harnessed: readycable

  • Ready-to-connect cables for energy chains

More information on readycable

Industrial cables tried, tested and guaranteed to work

Why are we the world's No. 1 in testing, guarantee and choice for flexible cables?

  • All igus flexible cables are thoroughly tested in our 2,750m laboratory with reliable specialist equipment where we have over 600 tests running simultaneously, to confidently provide our 36-month guarantee
  • 25 years’ experience with cables.
  • A range of 1,354 flex cable types for data, bus and hybrid systems, control and drive.
  • Configurable and predictable service life.
  • Available from stock, from 1m length.
  • All our cables leave our warehouse for delivery within 24 hrs.
  • Flex cables for any type of motion: horizontal, vertical, torsion, high speed. 
  • Resistant to many different environments: oil, coolant, clean-room, high and low temperature.
  • 50%-time reduction when stripping due to unique CFRIP technology.
  • For a free sample, contact us now!

Customers application examples using chainflex


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chainflex online tools

Online tools

Quickly get to the right online tool for your chainflex cable application.

module connect

Module Connect

Save time and space with the igus® smart connector module

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