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robolink® - the articulate robot

The igus® robolink is an articulated robotic arm that can be fitted with different robot components including a gripper, an electromagent, a suction cup and more. This flexible, long lasting articulated robot can be used in numerous industries for pick and place production. It's strong payload capacity and plastic-based components allows this flexible arm to be used in industrial and hazardous environments.
The flexible robolink® arm is simple to configure to ensure quick 
commissioning times and a cost-effective solution for multiple 

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robolink® RL-DP

robolink dp articulate robot

Complete module 5 degrees of freedom

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robolink® RL-DP

4 axis robolink

Complete module 4 degrees of freedom

  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 7s
  • Reach up to 790mm

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robolink® RL-DCi

DCi robolink articulated arm

Complete module 5 degrees of freedom

  • Predefined 5-axis kinematics
  • Reach: 680mm
  • Payload: 500g

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robolink control software for articulate robots

igus® Robot Control software for articulate robots

Intuitive robot programming, simulation and control system

Make your automation solution ready for use with igus® Robot Control. Due to the modular design, different robot kinematics can be controlled, for example, delta robots, linear robots and multi-axis joint robots.

You can now download and test the software for free.  


More information about the software

What is the payload of the robolink®?

The robolink® supports up to a 4kg payload. Visit our website to find out which versions support which payloads.

What is the reach of the robolink®?

The reach of our robolink® ranges from 510mm to 790mm. Visit our website to find out more about the reach of each version of robolink®.

How would I know which robot is best for my application?

This is a very interesting question, simply because of the diversity in each application. This is why we have the three different robots to have the flexibility to give our customers the right robot for their needs. They can be described as fast, flexible and modular. Choosing which robot is right for the job is down to us.

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